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The legislator must have intended to have the money paid back to the person who paid it.
a person who makes laws; a member of a legislative body.
translation of 'legislator'
कानून निर्माता
The law which the court may then uphold and enforce is the very law which the 'legislator' has enacted, not a different law.
Does the rule that a 'legislator' be present to vote make sense, or is it merely an anachronism?
Julia's lawyer husband was also a Democrat and a state 'legislator' and then a Danville mayor and a judge.
The 'legislator' must have intended to have the money paid back to the person who paid it.
If you weren't a state 'legislator' or senator, you normally would have to wait a week to get a reservation.
John Paul has in mind here 'legislators' who are directly responsible for making law.
The factions were also at odds over the granting of a percentage of House seats to women 'legislators' .
However, he declined to explain why the 'legislators' dropped the clause on marital rape.
The defense minister and 'legislators' should delve further into her words before reacting.
Kable may nevertheless have had some impact on the enthusiasm of 'legislators' .
George said many 'legislators' and even some ministers are also of the same opinion.
The ruling 'legislators' said the Cabinet might as well be disbanded since it is not operating as a team.
Our 'legislators' play with political fire and vent anger boiling deep in their hearts.
We were the first province to have female 'legislators' and a female cabinet minister.
The 'legislators' were anxious to prevent a person from claiming unfair dismissal on retirement.
We accept that Proposition C sets out correctly the approach adopted by the UK 'legislators' .
The individual lawmakers are untouchable for anything they do as 'legislators' .
What has the right to vote for the president and the 'legislators' brought for them?
That is why there are so many parliamentarians and State 'legislators' with criminal backgrounds.
One secret of American lawmaking is that 'legislators' and legislatures need lobbyists.
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