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Puppies should be vaccinated against distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis , parvovirus, parainfluenza and rabies.
an infectious bacterial disease that occurs in rodents, dogs, and other mammals and can be transmitted to humans.
With increasing awareness of the disease, many investigators have started working on 'leptospirosis' .
Farmers have been warned about the risk of picking up the infectious disease, 'leptospirosis' , from unvaccinated cattle.
The provincial Minister of Agriculture is recommending that people stay away from dog and other small mammal urine, which could be contaminated with 'leptospirosis' , the bacteria that causes fever and conjunctivitis.
At present the prevention of human 'leptospirosis' is very difficult at it is impossible to eliminate animal reservoirs.
The available serological techniques for the diagnosis of 'leptospirosis' have less sensitivity during the early stage of the disease.
These very common symptoms lead to difficulties in detecting the disease, and 'leptospirosis' can only be accurately diagnosed through a blood examination.
According to the National Disease Surveillance Centre there were 6 human cases of 'leptospirosis' recorded in 2002 and 5 probable cases have been reported to date in 2003.
Puppies should be vaccinated against distemper, infectious hepatitis, 'leptospirosis' , parvovirus, parainfluenza and rabies.
Development of a recombinant system for these genes for the expression of these proteins would be an important step in the development of better indigenous diagnostic systems for 'leptospirosis' .
I have been hearing about a potentially fatal kidney disease in dogs, 'leptospirosis' , becoming a problem in Connecticut and Long Island.
The Health Ministry has warned that people are at risk of infectious diseases such as diarrhoea and 'leptospirosis' , but authorities quickly ran out of water purification tablets and had to wait for new supplies from overseas.
At least 52 people have died of illnesses associated with the floods, including diarrhea, 'leptospirosis' , respiratory infections and dengue fever.
Rats have been known to cause the deadly disease 'leptospirosis' when they bite humans.
At first it was believed she had meningococcal meningitis or 'leptospirosis' , but tests ruled those out.
Animal health will also feature prominently, with advice on controlling diseases such as pneumonia, BVD and 'leptospirosis' .
Dogs require vaccinations against distemper, hepatitis, 'leptospirosis' , parainfluenza and parvovirus, and throughout their lives need periodical deworming, daily exercise and proper nutrition.
Thai public health authorities have already reported an outbreak of 'leptospirosis' - a disease caused by bacteria contained in rat urine.
Conjunctivitis can also be a symptom of other infections such as measles or 'leptospirosis' , a bacterial infection.
Another person was killed by the postflood infectious disease 'leptospirosis' on Thursday, bringing the death toll to nine.
This is aggravating an already festering situation produced by outbreaks of malaria, dengue fever, hepatitis-A, 'leptospirosis' , cholera and other diarrheal diseases.
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