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गैस का तीव्र प्रकाश
intense white light obtained by heating a cylinder of lime, formerly used in theaters.
translation of 'limelight'
गैस का तीव्र प्रकाश
These are people who are already famous or rich enough not to have to hog the 'limelight' .
She has long been used to the 'limelight' , thanks to her worldwide fame during the 1960s.
He admits that he is quite the showman and that he now has to vent his love of the 'limelight' in public speaking engagements.
the shock win has thrust him into the 'limelight'
The cases he has taken on and won have propelled him into the public 'limelight' .
the works that brought the artists into the 'limelight'
The oldies hog the 'limelight' , leaving the modern beauties crying for attention.
While Wilkinson has been shunning the 'limelight' , Dawson is relishing the attention that has been lavished on him.
As that group of teenagers continue to hog the 'limelight' , Doumbe is relieved to be emerging from the shadows.
Similarly, Nilambur continues to hog the 'limelight' when it comes to earthenware.
The other two, by contrast, sometimes come over as the Don Kings of rugby, such is their desire to hog the 'limelight' .
But there is no easy exit from the public 'limelight' for Cullen, now the transport minister.
I think there is a window of opportunity while the issue is still in the 'limelight' .
He wants to hog the 'limelight' and shout about what he believes, and to do that you have to be populist, brash and confident.
Fashion has turned the clock back to the Eighties, bringing gold, sequins and bold patterns back into the 'limelight' .
There are plenty of celebrities who own racehorses but many avoid the 'limelight' by keeping their name out of the racecards.
Surely the film crews are more deserving of the 'limelight' with their technological expertise and patience with the stars.
But this is more a case of a junior minister trying to hog the 'limelight' and getting frazzled through idiocy.
Sometimes people in the public 'limelight' after a few marriages go off and get married.
He said the company wished to avoid the 'limelight' because of the public's negative perception of big oil.
You crave attention, the 'limelight' , and the fawning admiration of millions.
Horton was a national hero who had pushed into the 'limelight' the Submarine Service and gained media attention.
Himachal's tallest national flag puts Dalhousie school in limelight
Away from limelight, a Muslim spreads yoga in Pakistan
Krishna Mehta brings Maheshwari fabric into limelight
Sunit Chowrasia, Udayjit hog limelight in amateur golf meet
Padma Awards brings unsung heroes to limelight
AP CM's daughter-in-law hogs limelight at Women's Parliament
It has taken me time to get used to limelight: Disha Patani
Govinda, Sridevi steal limelight at awards show in Dubai
Shubhankar marches into golf limelight (Profile)
Niall Horan plans a break from limelight
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