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the players displayed varying degrees of competence
the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.
he found himself with an ample competence and no obligations
an income large enough to live on, typically unearned.
Frame semantics is a linguistic theory which is currently gaining ground.
of or relating to language or linguistics.
translation of 'linguistic'
भाषाविज्ञान संबंधी
भाषा वैज्ञानिक,
How then are these hierarchically structured 'linguistic' abilities to be characterized?
Trying to match this staggering 'linguistic' ability is a major challenge for computing.
'linguistic' research
Linguists are now talking of the concept of a 'linguistic' area and the whole of India is one such area.
This means that there was not a 'linguistic' divide between the slave holders and their slaves.
It is remarkable how nicely the 'linguistic' metaphor fits the molecular world.
Sometimes, with children who have special needs, 'linguistic' abilities might be affected.
Recall that culture too is a metaphor, a 'linguistic' device which enables us to understand something else.
In other words the 'linguistic' turn is to language in use, language as speech.
After almost disappearing from the 'linguistic' map, Galician is now alive and well.
In this era of globalisation, we need to put our rich 'linguistic' diversity back on the agenda.
It is not difficult to see why the semantic pole of the 'linguistic' sign cannot be an entity in the real world.
Assertion is the 'linguistic' expression of a belief, and is also a mental act.
Slang is the 'linguistic' equivalent of fashion and serves much the same purpose.
Also, the rate of linguistic change is not constant, and 'linguistic' change cannot be quantified.
Intelligence is all of our ability, from mathematical to 'linguistic' to musical to artistic.
The findings of this book have important implications for current 'linguistic' theorizing.
The women's choice of German can be seen as a 'linguistic' expression of their rejection of peasant life.
'linguistic' competence
'linguistic' analysis
Let's go back to the beginning and think about this 'linguistic' question of genres.
Frame semantics is a 'linguistic' theory which is currently gaining ground.
In fact, the speed of the decline has been one of the main findings of recent 'linguistic' research.
Even 'linguistically' naive subjects generally have no difficulty counting out the syllables in a word or phrase.
There is nothing unintelligible about his quoted remark, 'linguistically' or logically.
After all, the Romans occupied Britain as well as Gaul, yet, 'linguistically' , left almost no trace on the speech of the inhabitants.
Swearing is culturally and 'linguistically' shaped in other ways.
A 'linguistically' well-informed discussion would certainly be much needed.
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