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people whose livelihoods depend on the rain forest
a means of securing the necessities of life.
translation of 'livelihood'
These poor souls also need investments to enable them to find jobs to earn a 'livelihood' .
You want to be there for the children but this is our 'livelihood' , our career.
This is just one of the workers who depends on this industry for a 'livelihood' .
I would never ask another professional to put his 'livelihood' on the line.
Of course many fishermen are against this because their 'livelihood' depends on it.
A great many people depend for their 'livelihood' on these paths being open, not just for recreation.
Nearly all have to adjust to both the responsibilities of freedom and the challenge of earning their 'livelihood' .
It's true the timber trade provides a 'livelihood' for some inhabitants of the region, but not for long.
His life and his 'livelihood' depended on the continued good health of his son.
She gave myself and my crew a 'livelihood' and we depended on her for our safety, but it is time to move on.
Hundreds of thousands of working people have lost their jobs and 'livelihoods' .
Our cultures, 'livelihoods' , businesses, and coastal communities depend on it.
The 'livelihoods' of many thousands of people depend on their success and they must succeed to ensure survival.
But with such working conditions employees are putting their 'livelihoods' before making a stand.
In the city people have relied on business to supply jobs to maintain their 'livelihoods' .
Some lectures concern the jobs or 'livelihoods' of the listeners at the lecture.
The club might not be in existence by the end of the season and ultimately it is our 'livelihoods' and careers that are at stake.
In many tribes, political positions, as well as trades and 'livelihoods' , also are hereditary.
We do not sorrow at the destruction of the tsunami just because across the continent we depend upon each other for our food and 'livelihoods' .
For many whose 'livelihoods' depended on the yard the future has already disappeared.
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