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Administrators responded with an institution lockdown , confining all prisoners to their cells.
the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically after an escape or to regain control during a riot.
Administrators responded with an institution 'lockdown' , confining all prisoners to their cells.
But, again, the college is still on 'lockdown' .
Harding High School, about two blocks east of the crime scene, was placed on 'lockdown' for a short period in the morning.
the university is on 'lockdown' and nobody has been able to leave
Authorities responded by putting the entire city in 'lockdown' .
Security officials then put the nuclear station on 'lockdown' .
Luckily the prisoners where all in 'lockdown' at the moment so they could keep the casualties down to a minimum.
Finally, we were let off 'lockdown' later in the afternoon.
Israeli officials said the 'lockdown' was necessary to stop the movement of Hizbullah weapons around Lebanon.
A security 'lockdown' tantamount to a state of emergency prevailed in the German city of Mainz on Rhine on Wednesday, February 23.
In 'lockdown' it is not physically possible to have sex with anyone other than your celly.
the university is on 'lockdown' and nobody has been able to leave
Outside of 'lockdown' , captives are warehoused like cattle.
She ripped out the spoon, and tried to run for the door, but somebody had put the whole prison in 'lockdown' .
But survivors occasionally breached the 'lockdown' and came to the fence to tell their stories, each one astonishing.
the 'lockdown' has been in effect since October 1983
A 'lockdown' has now been lifted at Saint Peter's College in New Jersey.
Read all about the Linkin Park 'lockdown' .
This final act of defiance precipitated a 'lockdown' of the entire Texas state prison system.
In 2 men cell 'lockdown' the only person that you can fight with is your celly.
There remains a 'lockdown' for Building 44, where the situation is developing.
More than 100 prisoners were placed on 'lockdown' for the rest of the day following protest early last Monday morning.
Some were held in 'lockdowns' for 23 hours a day, and then taken from their cells bound in handcuffs, leg irons and waist chains.
Though he has no criminal record, murderers and junkies and 23-hour 'lockdowns' became part of his life.
Furthermore, they are typically barred from areas where ministry is most needed: maximum security prisons, solitary confinement blocks, and twenty-three-hour 'lockdowns' .
Inmates in three California prisons are being kept in their cells on 24-hour-a-day 'lockdowns' to save money on overtime pay for guards.
33rd day of lockdown paralyzes life in Kashmir
New York's LaGuardia airport on lockdown
White House on lockdown after suspicious package reported
White House on lockdown after intruder jumped 'fence'
Sentencing of Dera chief at 2.30 pm; lockdown in Rohtak
White House on lockdown, suspect held
Sharif, daughter land amid Lahore lockdown
With Kashmir under lockdown, ISPR running Geelani's Twitter handle?
Kashmiri families save crores due to austerity amid lockdown
Pak PM dismisses fears of Islamabad lockdown on Oct 27
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