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longitudinal muscles
running lengthwise rather than across.
longitudinal positions
of or relating to longitude; measured from east to west.
translation of 'longitudinal'
देशान्तर का
The body of the esophagus begins at the lower edge of the cricopharyngeus muscle and contains two layers of muscle, the outer 'longitudinal' and the inner circular.
The dorsal 'longitudinal' muscles (indicated by arrowhead) are clearly visible.
In this work, seizures were monitored by dorsal 'longitudinal' muscle activity.
The subjects for this study were participating in a 'longitudinal' research project, the Utrecht Study of Adolescent Development.
It might be argued that these reflections are somewhat risky, because the data from which the authors derive their findings are cross-sectional in research design terms rather than 'longitudinal' .
Four hundred male and female New Zealand police officers were invited to participate in a 'longitudinal' research project, involving the completion of two questionnaire surveys.
This rendering shows a sharp contrast between the tongue's core, comprised of the vertical and transverse muscles, and its sheath of 'longitudinal' muscles.
The cuticle of the anterior margin of each segment is thickened towards the interior of the animal in order to form a pachycyclus for the attachment of 'longitudinal' muscles.
During walking, the epaxial muscles, organized into 'longitudinal' tracts, function to stabilize the vertebral column.
Such studies require 'longitudinal' measurement of individual behavior from adolescence through young adulthood.
During the day, it has three dark 'longitudinal' stripes that run the length of the body.
The timing of these variables may be particularly critical and need to be studied further in 'longitudinal' investigations.
Nematodes move by contraction of the 'longitudinal' muscles.
Flower coloration is mostly tan, with some external dark brown 'longitudinal' stripes on the sepals and lateral petals.
The religious orders study is a 'longitudinal' observation of Alzheimer's disease in older members of the Catholic clergy.
First, the study relied on cross-sectional rather than 'longitudinal' data.
The fibers of this thick muscle stratum all lie in the direction of the axis of the esophagus, making it, in effect, a second, strong, 'longitudinal' muscle layer.
Interadambulacral contact facets lie beneath the ambulacral and overlie tissue depressions for the 'longitudinal' muscles that lower the arm.
In Drosophila, the presumptive central nervous system is specified at an early stage of embryonic development as two 'longitudinal' stripes of cells, just dorsal to the ventral mesoderm.
The opening of the pylorus after it has contracted may represent, in part, the dilating effect of the contraction of the 'longitudinal' muscle layer of the stomach.
Since he had a differentiated ectoderm separate from the gut, and also had a 'longitudinal' layer of muscle and bilateral symmetry, he probably had some degree of motility.
The upper one-third of the esophagus is striated muscle, and the remainder contains inner circular layers and outer 'longitudinal' layers of muscle.
Future 'longitudinal' research can use family of origin retrospective reports over time to see if they change substantially.
In quantitative research, unless the research is 'longitudinal' in character, the person will be interviewed on one occasion only.
The 'longitudinal' analyses in this study were based on the responses of these 150 students.
This stretch is made possible by the presence of nitrergic inhibitory nerves, excited in a swallow, in both 'longitudinal' muscle layers within this short segment.
Beyond the four limitations mentioned above, this study constitutes an interesting base for further 'longitudinal' researches.
Accurate time, which enabled seamen to establish their 'longitudinal' position, was among the preconditions for safe and regular passage to Australia.
It also includes 'longitudinal' and circular muscle fibers.
Reed's figures show surface ornament, but this consists of 'longitudinal' rather than transverse elements.
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