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the unit is clearly malfunctioning
(of a piece of equipment or machinery) fail to function normally or satisfactorily.
I've got a couple of equipment malfunctions which I'm struggling with.
a failure to function in a normal or satisfactory manner.
translation of 'malfunction'
बिगाड़ काम,
बुरा काम,
Will operation in environments with significantly higher ambient temperatures cause a pump 'malfunction' ?
There seemed to be some sort of electrical 'malfunction' , some sort of short circuit.
The navy announces a submarine has suffered a 'malfunction' but says it only has been missing for one day.
There is a lot of stress involved in a diversion due to technical 'malfunction' .
Eventually we learned the crash was caused by a mechanical 'malfunction' , but the law still stands.
I told tower we had to troubleshoot a minor 'malfunction' .
Doc said it could be a major 'malfunction' in his digestive tract, requiring surgery.
If you are the flight engineer, notify the pilot of any engine 'malfunction' .
I scolded myself for not noticing this while we were troubleshooting the actual 'malfunction' .
The power failure was caused by an equipment 'malfunction' at about 9pm on Monday night.
a computer 'malfunction'
they were sent back to the manufacturers at the first sign of 'malfunction'
The most common reasons given by airlines for delayed flights were engine 'malfunction' and inappropriate on-board service facilities.
Remember that institutions must file a report with the FDA whether device 'malfunction' or user error causes injury.
Inevitably somebody gets killed unless there is a technical 'malfunction' with the bomb or a little luck.
The cause of the disaster was described as a " mechanical 'malfunction' ".
Maybe the computer 'malfunctioned' and sealed everyone in for no reason at all?
Customers were annoyed when the boxes ran out of papers or the coin mechanism 'malfunctioned' , as it often did.
But last night, for the second time in six months, my home computer 'malfunctioned' .
The system also provides a full set of alarms if the system is 'malfunctioning' .
But before her dignity had a chance to recover, her wardrobe 'malfunctioned' .
She also has a history of electronic equipment 'malfunctioning' in her presence.
An elevator had 'malfunctioned' , setting off the alarm, he explained.
There were no 'malfunctions' of any kind, which is hardly surprising.
Then the thought of all the other machines 'malfunctioning' came into his mind.
Equipment 'malfunctions' may result from poor design, incomplete qualification, or calibration or maintenance issues.
The investigations that we undertook concluded that there was no evidence to indicate the valve had 'malfunctioned' .
A radiation therapy device 'malfunctioned' , delivering lethal radiation doses at several medical facilities.
When a propeller 'malfunctions' , it gets everyone's attention.
I've got a couple of equipment 'malfunctions' which I'm struggling with.
Malfunctioning voting machines a mischief, asks Kejriwal
Kim Kardashian suffers wardrobe malfunction in racy corset
Kejriwal says many EVMs 'malfunctioning'
Collector admits to EVM 'malfunction' in RTI reply
EVM 'malfunction': Maharashtra government directed to make statement
Teigen suffers wardrobe malfunction due to daughter
Congress, SP, RLD demand repoll in booths where EVMs malfunctioned
Varied voting in pan-India bypolls; EVMs malfunction in UP, Maharashtra (Roundup)
High number of VVPATs malfunction in UP, Maharashtra; polling slowed
Beyonce rescued by ladder after stage malfunction
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