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it leaves hair feeling soft and manageable
able to be managed, controlled, or accomplished without great difficulty.
translation of 'manageable '
प्रबंध करने योग्य
And as of today I have had my hair shorn down to a more 'manageable' length again.
In order to keep things 'manageable' , I decided to choose just two from each continent.
This keeps your work to a 'manageable' size and eliminates the need for expert tools and skills.
Being able to discuss your fears with another adult may make them seem more 'manageable' .
The overall length of the quill can now be cut down to a 'manageable' size.
Implementing a sensible and 'manageable' policy would be a good first step.
The great thing about this scheme is that it breaks the total sum down into 'manageable' chunks.
The attendance at Gleneagles will be limited to a more 'manageable' number.
A seven point gap had suddenly been opened and another seven seemed very 'manageable' .
While each issue and error in itself would have been 'manageable' , the combination of so many caused the failure.
It says consumers should keep a very close eye on their finances to make sure the amount they borrow remains 'manageable' .
Thankfully, pre-exam jitters are 'manageable' by taking a few practical steps.
They feel it reduces air pollution, saves trees and makes traffic more 'manageable' .
You might sit there for 54 weeks watching what was a 'manageable' problem getting really out of hand.
It seems a 'manageable' challenge as long as I only look at one small element at a time.
For larger bombs the group cuts it into 'manageable' sections so it can be removed and dealt with.
By then the mortgage on the house she owns in Whitby will not be paid off but will be reduced to a 'manageable' size.
But the true costs of holding the tournament are more 'manageable' than is commonly feared.
This is the kind of house to suit a person with a pony or a keen interest in gardening and the land is quite 'manageable' .
He's doing awfully well with it, and settling down to a 'manageable' pace.
Many objections will be raised about its practicability, it 'manageability' , its consequences and long-term impact.
Graduates with incomes above this minimum threshold can 'manageably' pay no more than a certain percentage of their income on their student loan debt.
Her sensations throughout, as she subsequently stated, had been of the most pleasing nature; and her 'manageableness' during the operation was as perfect as if she had been a wax doll or a lay figure.
This type of inventory can dispel the feeling of clutter and reveal 'manageability' .
Advance planning is a must as there are many factors that can affect the success and 'manageability' of your vegetable garden as well as your enjoyment of it.
Mortimer & Co is a business consultancy which helps its clients grow 'manageably' and profitably.
The only requisite is 'manageableness' of the ship herself and of the numbers she carries on board.
An overlapping but different set of biological problems are usefully modeled by 'manageably' small analog circuits.
For wood shields 'manageableness' was a decisive factor; thus they could not exceed a certain size or thickness.
From its beginning, this outlook was reinforced not merely by its appeal in terms of conceptual simplicity and 'manageableness' , but by reason of its tremendous success in the extension of technology and of man's control over the natural order.
'Security threat to foreign cricketers in Pakistan excessive, unmanageable'
3rd T20I: New Zealand restrict India to manageable total
IPL: Rajasthan restrict Mumbai to manageable total
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