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an island in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. Visited by Columbus in 1498, it was used as a base by Simón Bolívar in 1816 during the struggle for independence from Spanish rule.
Gary poured Karl's whiskey and he mixed Kat's 'margarita' with too much tequila.
Everything on the menu is best enjoyed with a fishbowl-sized 'margarita' or a lime-injected beer - so dig in.
I think I will go find a beach somewhere and sit there with a 'margarita' or a mai-tai or something.
That night, the three of us drank mint juleps and 'margaritas' and watched ‘Blacula.’
In real life do you prefer 'margaritas' or beer or whisky?
The three of us went out to a bar in town and talked for ages over Imperial beer and 'margaritas' .
When I mentioned this, a friend told me she had been burned by drops of lime juice when making 'margaritas' on her patio in the sun.
Since you need tequila for this recipe, why not serve 'margaritas' as you cook?
Still, tequila sales are increasing, both in 'margaritas' and shots.
Hungry customers gorged on Tex-Mex food and washed it down with beer or 'margaritas' .
Slam tequilas, mix 'margaritas' and groove to South Island's hottest salsa and house as DJ's turn the volume up.
Drinks include a variety of 'margaritas' , sangria, tequila, rum and, if you don't drink alcohol, strawberry and mango smoothies.
Someone has to keep running in and out of the house to mix up a fresh batch of pina coladas, 'margaritas' and the like.
They offer seven 'margaritas' and at least twice that number of sipping tequilas.
The wine and 'margaritas' flowed freely, and the cake was just as tasty as the mahi mahi with strawberry salsa.
Choose fruity delights from lemon-rich 'margaritas' to orange-rich sangrias.
It was clear from the blackboard that it would be a good place for a party, with caipirinhas, minty mojitos and 'margaritas' served by the pitcher.
Suppliers and operators agree that customers are becoming more aware of the tequila in their 'margaritas' .
If they bring their own tequila, they can order a pitcher of fresh limeade or watermelon juice to make 'margaritas' .
After a pig roast they made the fire huge and they all sat around the fire drinking beer and 'margaritas' .
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