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inflation is predicted to drop marginally
to only a limited extent; slightly.
translation of 'marginally'
सीमांत रूप से
he's 'marginally' worse than he was
It is for these actors alone that this film is even 'marginally' entertaining.
inflation is predicted to drop 'marginally'
Clinging to the idea of brainwashing is a coping strategy to make hate and death 'marginally' more explicable.
Cork were the better side if only 'marginally' , and we made them earn their bread in a tight and tense finale.
In child care the figures are 'marginally' better at 24 sick days per employee.
Their second-choice team would be only 'marginally' weaker than their optimum selection.
Perhaps today's keepers, 'marginally' less talented, are victims of the times in which they live.
I greet you tonight from a new internet cafe, opened only this week and perhaps 'marginally' nearer than my usual one.
he's 'marginally' worse than he was
The weather pattern gets 'marginally' much better tomorrow with no snow in the forecast.
inflation is predicted to drop 'marginally'
I've just spent three nights in such a monstrosity, holed up in a room only 'marginally' larger than a shoebox.
The average British voter, the survey found, was 'marginally' to the left of centre, at minus 2.
For being 'marginally' wide at the last turn he lost a single point, but otherwise his three sections of driving were clean.
They were 'marginally' successful in that they created more chances than the visitors and forced two short corners.
It's pretentious but 'marginally' better than the sepia toned one where I'm cradling a small baby.
I felt 'marginally' happier and less distracted by events beyond my control.
Don't worry too much if your line is slightly heavier or 'marginally' lighter than my recommendations.
They may be 'marginally' different because they can still hold the traditional ideals.
For the first quarter, both teams were all over the place, and for the last they were only 'marginally' more composed.
Eleven tracks are 'marginally' higher owing to their download popularity.
It is true the speed of traffic in the zone is 'marginally' faster than before by approximately 1mph.
Fortunately the two men emerge from a different exit, 'marginally' wider than the entrance.
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