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The persecutions and martyrdoms seemed to have solidified the believers' faith.
the death or suffering of a martyr.
translation of 'martyrdom'
They are the words of the martyrs, 'martyrdom' being the frequent fate of prophets.
Most notable to European eyes at this time was their religious fanaticism and willingness to seek 'martyrdom' through death in battle.
Christianity in the first three centuries was a religion of 'martyrdom' .
What does the Bible tell us about the ministry, 'martyrdom' , resurrection and ascension of the two witnesses?
you know 'martyrdom' isn't my style
Rolling his eyes, he moved to join Max in his excavations, sighing in exaggerated 'martyrdom' .
An extraordinary letter was written by the prior of the monastery two years before his 'martyrdom' .
Obedience, suffering, and 'martyrdom' are also the theme of Jesus' words in John 12.
So the following years brought further opposition and persecution, and even 'martyrdom' , to evangelical missionaries in Mexico.
the 'martyrdom' of St Anthony
How could I refuse such an impressive display of 'martyrdom' ?
He does so with an air of 'martyrdom' about him, the selfish man.
Being neutral toward the mother/father (without a show of 'martyrdom' ) is better for the children that seeing you in conflict, surely.
His characters lived and understood themselves in a fallen world where 'martyrdom' was often the cost of salvation.
In mentioning 'martyrdom' of course, the question of religion comes up.
His 'martyrdom' is the first - and only one - among the Apostles to be recorded in Scripture.
They're self-righteous librarians drunk on the power of process and convinced of the virtue of 'martyrdom' .
In each apostle portrait, each man holds the symbol of his 'martyrdom' .
History is full of their bloody exploits, conquests, sacrifices and 'martyrdoms' .
Reports of 'martyrdoms' steeled resistance to persecution and were the source of encouragement to persevere.
A tragedian, Rubens loved to depict battles, atrocities, 'martyrdoms' and slaughters.
His first encounter with the Stations of the Cross set him howling with fright in church; his compulsory bedtime reading as a child was stories of Christian saints and their 'martyrdoms' .
The persecutions and 'martyrdoms' seemed to have solidified the believers' faith.
The missionary Jesuit order developed a speciality in clinical depictions of torturous 'martyrdoms' .
As of this modern age these acts of 'martyrdoms' are regarded as legends but they are based on historical facts and foundation.
Throughout the entire span of their eventful history, they have struggled and fought for universal causes and have courted 'martyrdoms' to uphold the values of truth, justice and freedom.
We are reminded, for example, that belief in the resurrection of the dead is not an essential feature of the Jewish Bible but a view that developed primarily in response to the 'martyrdoms' of the Maccabean revolt.
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