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विख्यात मन
he was accused of masterminding a gold-smuggling racket
plan and direct (an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise).
an eminent musical mastermind
a person with an outstanding intellect.
translation of 'mastermind'
संचालन करना,
रहनुमाई करना,
पथप्रदर्शन करना
प्रसिद्ध दिमाग़,
असमान बुद्धि,
विख्यात मन
Standing tall, black hood and mask concealing all but his yellow eyes, and carrying his deactivated double-edged saber, was the 'mastermind' of this entire plan.
Will it lead to the 'mastermind' of the plot?
He had been the 'mastermind' behind the whole plan, I was sure he could get us out of all of this trouble.
the 'mastermind' behind the project
One of the most refreshing aspects of the album is that this is a European album, from a German musical 'mastermind' , that doesn't sound like it should remain on the European continent.
So who was the 'mastermind' who devised the scheme in the first place?
McAvoy was the 'mastermind' of the robbery
an eminent musical 'mastermind'
He might not be a criminal 'mastermind' , but he could do some math.
He believes the film makers clearly identified him as the 'mastermind' behind the murder despite his acquittal at the Special Criminal Court.
There have been several reports of missed opportunities in capturing the excused terror 'mastermind' .
The suspected 'mastermind' of that case reportedly escaped from prison three years earlier by digging a tunnel.
Guitarist and producer Dave is a PhD student at Columbia, and a musical 'mastermind' .
an eminent musical 'mastermind'
But you need a thoroughbred forensic expert to put the pieces together, to search for the missing links, to finally point fingers at the 'mastermind' behind a crime.
Unfortunately, there was an accident and she was taken in by the 'mastermind' behind the plan.
If you think your dog has what it takes to be a canine genius, or your cat could be a feline 'mastermind' , now is your opportunity to find out just what makes a clever pet.
Being the intelligent evil 'mastermind' , he had already devised a scheme to rid him of the burden.
The 'mastermind' behind this operation was sitting directly at the center of the huge plateau.
The search for a foreign 'mastermind' of the attacks, however, has so far not panned out.
It turns out that he's currently working on a project with my favorite Ethiopian musical 'mastermind' .
They called him a 'mastermind' , they called him a genius… but he couldn't plan for this?
Meanwhile a Briton is being questioned in Holland on suspicion of 'masterminding' a multi-million-pound heroin smuggling ring, police said yesterday.
Only the 'masterminds' of this scheme knew the full truth.
The governor says a terrorist plot was 'masterminded' behind these prison walls.
Police assume that this was about the time when the criminal 'masterminds' abandoned their plan and ran off.
The three accused are certainly not in the category of the political or military 'masterminds' behind the conflicts and atrocities.
He had been credited with 'masterminding' the doctrine of ‘pre-emption’, which argues that a state can take military action to deter an attack.
He knew that he'd not easily find the 'masterminds' behind the attacks.
Of the 120 suspected of 'masterminding' the genocide, 82 have so far been indicted and 67 arrested.
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