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Indian mathematicians and astronomers constructed sine table with great precision.
an expert in or student of mathematics.
translation of 'mathematician'
in this work he showed himself as a 'mathematician' rather than as a mathematical physicist.
The next point to consider is how the 'mathematician' differs from the physicist.
He has asked us to reprint a letter he wrote his students, explaining the joys of being a 'mathematician' .
This is far from an end to the arguments about Euclid the 'mathematician' .
I liked mathematics, and my father being a 'mathematician' was no reason I should not become one too.
Particularly useful are cases where the 'mathematician' made astronomical observations.
Only a very small proportion of mathematics students end up becoming research 'mathematicians' .
Everyone believed that 'mathematicians' and astronomers would provide the solution but it is not to be.
So how do 'mathematicians' solve these complicated differential equations?
Indian 'mathematicians' and astronomers constructed sine table with great precision.
Various letters were exchanged between theologians, scientists and 'mathematicians' .
Many 'mathematicians' were interested in natural philosophy, and geology in particular.
He is considered by most historians of mathematics as one of the greatest 'mathematicians' of all time.
Of course 'mathematicians' continue to do mathematics while on holiday and they were both working hard.
The Greeks were superb 'mathematicians' and discovered much of the mathematics we still use today.
Perhaps all we need to do to answer it is to read the mathematical treatises which the Greek 'mathematicians' wrote.
This is an introduction to intuitionistic mathematics for mature 'mathematicians' .
In addition they met with leading European scientists and 'mathematicians' who visited London.
The book develops the theme that mathematics and 'mathematicians' can be interesting.
The book was written for pupils who love mathematics and want to become 'mathematicians' .
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