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थियेटर का
Most of you must know that Udayakumar, a contemporary of Rajkumar, was famous for his highly melodramatic performances.
of or relating to melodrama.
translation of 'melodramatic '
भावुकतापूर्ण नाटक संबंधी
थियेटर का,
Incidentally, the above use of ‘martyr’ was no exaggeration or 'melodramatic' affectation.
For a start, he's got a real temper on him, which some are marking out as a good attitude, but for a first proper Wimbledon appearance he seemed a mite 'melodramatic' to me.
Characters disappear inexplicably and there is much 'melodramatic' action, with farce never far off.
I'm almost totally over yesterday's 'melodramatic' tantrum.
But somehow the 'melodramatic' elements are transcended, and the movie moves you, as movies always should.
In the process they have cut the worst of the sentimental and 'melodramatic' elements to create a much tauter, more compelling plot-line.
They've matured, shedding the preoccupation with teen angst that might previously have led them to be perceived as 'melodramatic' .
They probably did so with 'melodramatic' flourish, causing fear and speculation to run wild.
It would be a 'melodramatic' exaggeration for me to say that I fight this battle within myself every day.
My character is really 'melodramatic' , in that one minute she is throwing a tantrum and the next she is laughing hysterically, but I wasn't at all like that.
You might say that Maddin directs in a genre all his own, remaking 'melodramatic' movies that never existed.
Perhaps you think me 'melodramatic' , or even histrionic.
Most of you must know that Udayakumar, a contemporary of Rajkumar, was famous for his highly 'melodramatic' performances.
So, yesterday I was being a little 'melodramatic' and very emotional.
The audio is solid, although the voice acting is overdone and 'melodramatic' .
Frequently theatrical and 'melodramatic' , it captured the tensions of wartime Britain, thriving in enforced isolation.
It would be in the hands of most directors, but Moretti doesn't allow 'melodramatic' excess to infiltrate his story.
As for the role of men in this movie, let me say that, for the most part, they are not depicted as 'melodramatic' villains.
He returned to characters who offered identification even though it was mostly via 'melodramatic' exaggeration.
His action had not only hurt this other person, but it also hurt me, because as 'melodramatic' as it sounds, I almost started to cry.
But however 'melodramatic' or cartoonish Palmer's characters seem to be, their sentiments are real enough.
No slight was intended, I'm sure, the sin - to be 'melodramatic' for a moment - being one of omission, not commission.
This is a subversive comedy dressed up as a 'melodramatic' thriller about money, sex and revenge.
What follows is a 'melodramatic' romance doubling as a shallow history lesson, and that's just the first half of the picture.
He has paid his dues to the sentimental and the 'melodramatic' , and is now ready to abandon these narrative modes.
I screamed, and swooped off to my room in 'melodramatic' fashion.
The repetitions, sudden shifts in direction and 'melodramatic' flourishes fit neatly into the frantic pace of the contemporary dance beat.
Clearly, the 'melodramatic' plot is a vehicle for the wacky characters and witty dialogue, and the performances are crisp and funny.
I've seen the rolling eyes, I know they think we're being 'melodramatic' .
The calm humility present here allows us to be moved by the 'melodramatic' aspects of the work more than they might usually.
Indian films being appreciated for melodramatic warmth: Bhansali
Mamata's tea-selling act 'scripted, melodramatic': Roy
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