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this victory was one of the most memorable of his career
worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.
translation of 'memorable'
स्मरण करने योग्य,
it was a 'memorable' occasion
In fact, the comments in the two letters have spoilt for me what was meant to be a meaningful and 'memorable' day.
Every line that he sang over the decades has become 'memorable' in some way or the other.
it was a 'memorable' day in my life
It was 'memorable' , not for the car, but for the unfortunate timing of the event.
His most 'memorable' moment of the trek came not at the very summit, but on the way up.
Your hard work and planning means each and everyone one of us had a 'memorable' night.
What should have been an exciting and 'memorable' night, turned out to be a great disappointment.
They've shown that there is more to advertising than a catchy slogan and a 'memorable' logo.
This record taught me the importance of backing vocals and how they can change a good song into a 'memorable' one.
It was a truly 'memorable' night for all of them, an occasion to relish for years to come.
It was here I was to experience another 'memorable' and glorious reminder of Cornwall.
The glorious weather made it a 'memorable' day with long queues for ice-cream and cold drinks.
Last time, it was an early morning run around Central Park which was a 'memorable' experience.
my trip was 'memorable' for the fantastic views
Should I come up with three separate pseudonyms or stick with my own 'memorable' moniker?
Much of their success is owed to the band's unique fashion sense coupled with 'memorable' tunes.
This was a 'memorable' moment for them to say thank you for the music to their successors.
Identify colours, images, themes and a name that works for you and is easily 'memorable' .
This is why if something 'memorable' happens you may remember it years down the line.
he had a 'memorable' accent
The 'memorable' trips are there, captured in old photographs that rarely see daylight.
While details are blurred by the years, the most 'memorable' moments have new definition.
Everyone keeps talking about the adult cast, but the kids really made this movie 'memorable' .
You can eat unpretentiously but 'memorably' in these mountain villages.
And through it all, as Robbie Williams 'memorably' sang as he stole the show in London, there was a lot of love and affection, right or wrong.
Well, it's always said that one of the tests of a poet is 'memorability' .
Most 'memorably' of all there is a love letter to his home town.
But sensationalism is no guarantee of lasting 'memorability' .
Advertising values 'memorability' and pattern recognition, and those things are pleasures, but difficulty and novelty and freshness are also pleasures.
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