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the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation
a note or record made for future use.
translation of 'memorandum'
स्मरण लेख,
The chairman of the multilateral talks, Pierre Girard, a Swiss diplomat, circulated a 'memorandum' Tuesday to member states to reconvene the meeting, according to the sources.
the two countries signed a 'memorandum' of understanding on economic cooperation
A march held last week handed over a 'memorandum' to business and government, demanding a halt to job losses.
The group is believed to have signed a 'memorandum' of understanding with an aircraft company for the provision of aircraft.
Government has approved a Cabinet 'memorandum' to turn the National Council for Construction into a statutory body.
This 'memorandum' specified a lease term of one year with no provision for any option to renew.
Certainly the borrower will be liable for them since the information 'memorandum' is its document, designed to be distributed to potential members of the syndicate.
the two countries signed a 'memorandum' of understanding on economic cooperation
His involvement in high politics started in 1584, when he wrote his first political 'memorandum' , A Letter of Advice to Queen Elizabeth.
Because the 'memorandum' and articles of the company are public documents, filed with the registrar of companies, the courts treated the public as knowing their contents, even if they had not read them.
Several of Johannesburg's agencies have signed a 'memorandum' of understanding to support a City strategy aimed at creating an investor-friendly environment.
The department and the municipality have signed a 'memorandum' of understanding identifying an urgent need for relocation, provision and supply of decent houses to flood victims.
He and Paek on Saturday also signed a 'memorandum' of understanding that will establish a regular consultation mechanism between their countries' foreign ministries.
Did you need to lodge a certificate of title with a 'memorandum' of lease to effect its registration?
No written contract had been executed between the two merging companies, only a four- or five-page 'memorandum' recorded the basic terms, and that went unsigned.
he told them of his decision in a 'memorandum'
Government agencies will sign a 'memorandum' of understanding to commit to the plan, and a committee will make regular reports to the community.
he told them of his decision in a 'memorandum'
articles of association must be signed by subscribers to the 'memorandum'
After it was over, the focus-group research company ground out a report, which was then incorporated into 'memoranda' at the client company and the advertising agency.
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