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Such research includes studies in climatology, atmospheric science, meteorology , geology and geophysics, ecology, and oceanography, just to name a few.
the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere, especially as a means of forecasting the weather.
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मौसम विज्ञान
वायु तथा आकाशविषयक विद्या
overwintering would allow the team to investigate the island's 'meteorology'
Neil has used the same teaching method for his classes in 'meteorology' and environmental science at Lincoln.
Understanding factors that affect canopy photosynthesis would contribute to agriculture, ecology, 'meteorology' , and global science.
Such research includes studies in climatology, atmospheric science, 'meteorology' , geology and geophysics, ecology, and oceanography, just to name a few.
While 'meteorology' is a science complicated by chaotic weather patterns, statistics on the tumultuous developments illustrate a definite trend in the past decades.
Reye's early interest in mathematical physics and 'meteorology' turned to an interest in geometry even while he held the lectureship in mathematical physics at Zurich.
Professional forecasters have usually been to university to study 'meteorology' , where for three years they learn a wide-ranging and detailed study of the physical and dynamical processes that occur in the atmosphere.
His interests went outside mathematics and he sometimes lectured on astronomy, 'meteorology' and biology where he had a special interest in birds.
an induction course to learn basic 'meteorology'
Moving from 'meteorology' as straight science to weather as journalism means more.
There are numerous excursions in scientific realms of chemistry, biology, 'meteorology' , computer science, and most of all mathematics and philosophy.
It will investigate global atmospheric circulation dynamics, 'meteorology' and chemistry.
He wrote about 'meteorology' , biology, physics, poetry, logic, rhetoric, and politics and ethics, among other subjects.
As with most other kinds of physical science, more men than women work in 'meteorology' , but the number of women is growing.
For more than 60 years, weather balloons have been the foundation of global 'meteorology' as they provide atmospheric data to weather stations.
The Other Physical Sciences category includes geology, geography, hydrology, statistics, 'meteorology' , and physics.
In this respect, hydrological science and 'meteorology' are still far from being able to predict, before the rains come, which thunderstorms will turn out to be the worst killers.
But the science of 'meteorology' , a term that dates back to Aristotle's first musings on the subject, did not really begin to make significant advances until the 18th century.
Against these arguments, I have seen positivists argue (rightly, I believe) that such observations would also ‘prove’ that 'meteorology' or astronomy is not a science.
Evolutionary theory is no more tied to metaphysical naturalism or atheism than is 'meteorology' or medical science.
The larger theories of geology, astronomy, oceanology, 'meteorology' , ecology, biology, and even physics do not lend themselves to repeatable experiments.
He did not restrict himself to studying mathematics, however, for he studied other topics such as astronomy, 'meteorology' and chemistry.
Quantitative comparisons between 'meteorologically' forced open-ocean convection and vertical density currents generated by ash fall are complex, as a result of scaling issues.
A good place to find a qualified 'meteorologist' is through the American Meteorological Society.
The only time the sun shines is when the 'meteorologically' battered inhabitants go on holiday to Spain.
All around the world 'meteorologists' fly helium filled balloons to measure, amongst other things, the temperature of the air at different heights above the ground.
During world war one, each section of the armed forces had its own 'meteorological' department, but now they have been merged into one.
I got a glimpse of this difficulty because in my military service I was a weather forecaster, a 'meteorologist' .
As days grow longer in spring and early 'meteorological' summer, the balance tips to more heat arriving than leaving.
It was a very unusual year, 'meteorologically' speaking.
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