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मंत्री का
It is this kind of ecclesiology that will lead to a ministerial leadership and ecclesial structures that will equip believers for their callings.
of or relating to a minister of religion.
ministerial officials
of or relating to a government minister or ministers.
translation of 'ministerial'
काम का,
दफ़्तर का,
मंत्रालय का,
मंत्री का
The following year 17 candidates were accepted for 'ministerial' training, rising to 25 in 2002 and 33 last year.
But the senior Government whip has just indicated that we have just had two speeches from Ministers in a 'ministerial' statement situation.
After 15 days, an agreement was reached through which the Lefts and the Greens were excluded from 'ministerial' office, but would keep the government in power.
The other day I was looking up a picture of a 'ministerial' colleague in the mug-shot book of the ELCA's Metropolitan Chicago Synod.
He said the legislation body took the initiative to draft bills on the presidency, the presidential advisory board and on 'ministerial' offices, all of which are also prioritized for this year.
On the other hand, many churches have been harmed by insufficient attention to 'ministerial' training.
Thus, we see the frequent use of government via 'ministerial' order rather than legislation; the MO being the instrument found unconstitutional just two weeks ago.
Eleven of the 17 junior ministers have previous 'ministerial' experience.
It is now common knowledge that she expected to be appointed to a 'ministerial' office as soon as Labor was returned to government.
But in light of his political biography there can be no doubt of his preparedness to assume a 'ministerial' office in a Union-led government.
I will look also at some intriguing hints that Rome may be reconsidering its position that Anglican 'ministerial' orders are null and void.
Mollien's 'ministerial' term of office thus spanned nine years, covering a territory spreading over most of continental Europe.
I vividly remember reporting the 1971 Synod on the 'ministerial' priesthood when influential voices were calling for an end to the celibacy rule.
About 40 presidents and royalty, ten prime ministers and 43 'ministerial' delegations have been billed to attend.
The formation of 'ministerial' students in congregations and in the church is no longer taking place.
In the next two sections he looks at issues in 'ministerial' life and the wider church.
They claimed that I was just following the party line or that 'ministerial' office had bought me off (which to anyone involved in Westminster is clearly nonsense).
YTM provides theological, spiritual, and 'ministerial' formation both to high-school students and to their teachers and ministers.
He has an abundance of political experience, including senior 'ministerial' office, and will relish the challenge of heading the new beefed-up Transport Department.
Ivan has been attending the church for 5 years, first as a 'ministerial' student and for the last three years as assistant pastor.
It is not uncommon for a minister to drive 6-10,000 miles per year in carrying out the 'ministerial' duties for a congregation.
What we know is that police, Norfolk Island Police, were called to his 'ministerial' office at about lunch time today.
Bloom saw society as 'ministerial' to the university.
It is this kind of ecclesiology that will lead to a 'ministerial' leadership and ecclesial structures that will equip believers for their callings.
Given such practices, one can imagine the opposition any suggestion that women be allowed to participate in the 'ministerial' priesthood might raise.
And a party associating with an armed group of people, albeit one honouring a prolonged ceasefire, cannot hold 'ministerial' office in the Republic of Ireland.
In short, the presbyteral priesthood was at the center of the sacramental understanding of 'ministerial' order.
As Macmillan steps up the 'ministerial' pecking order from Housing to Defence to Foreign Minister and Chancellor, the politics become more interesting.
It felt both humbling and a bit nostalgic to lecture, in God's providence to 240 'ministerial' students in the place I was once called to serve.
Some of the freer churches don't even ask their 'ministerial' candidates to commit themselves formally to any belief about Scripture, let alone creation.
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