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Civil servants are liable to disciplinary action if they fail to observe any government regulation or official instruction, misconduct themselves in any manner or, by their actions, bring the civil service into disrepute.
behave in an improper or unprofessional manner.
We furthermore do not think that there is any evidence that the police in some way misconducted the inquiries during the period between the appellant being interviewed and the appellant being charged.
mismanage (duties or a project).
she was found guilty of professional misconduct by a disciplinary tribunal
unacceptable or improper behavior, especially by an employee or professional person.
The Scottish Charities Office has taken legal action against 19 charities over misconduct or mismanagement since it was set up in 1992.
mismanagement, especially culpable neglect of duties.
translation of 'misconduct'
You would hardly say they were guilty of professional 'misconduct' , would you, because they were there as a group of lawyers?
In the law books obviously there are some provisions for punishing police officers for 'misconduct' in course of their duties.
the general was pardoned for 'misconduct' of the war
She has a duty and an obligation to report such 'misconduct' as people stealing things.
she was found guilty of professional 'misconduct' by a disciplinary tribunal and dismissed
Referee Bill McCreary handed out five 'misconduct' penalties in the second period, and in that he was perhaps lenient, because the misbehavior extended to the team benches and the stands.
The SCO has powers to act in cases where there is evidence of alleged 'misconduct' or mismanagement.
In rarer instances, she claimed such equipment had been used to provide proof of gross 'misconduct' among employees.
In this case, there is no suggestion of 'misconduct' on the part of the Estate's solicitors.
Since these studies, reports have indicated that some reform efforts to curb police 'misconduct' have reduced excessive force complaints.
Five nurses were found guilty of professional 'misconduct' , four were censured and one was removed from the register.
It is a failure of market structure created by too much easy capital, flawed business models, and mismanagement and 'misconduct' on a grand scale.
Smith got a game 'misconduct' for spearing Nick Kypreos
Research 'misconduct' does not include honest error or differences of opinion.
They also say there should be a mechanism to review doctors found guilty of professional 'misconduct' to establish if other patients have been affected.
But I believe it to be a disciplinary offence - gross 'misconduct' .
If the Democrats take Congress in November, the door is open to investigations not only of the 'misconduct' of the war but also of the corruption of the various civilian programs in Iraq.
Previous abuse cases have involved 'misconduct' by relatively untrained National Guard and Reserve troops.
A hearing is underway on a possible case of juror 'misconduct' .
Did the 'misconduct' harm a child or place a child at risk of harm?
The Scottish Charities Office has taken legal action against 19 charities over 'misconduct' or mismanagement since it was set up in 1992.
They face indefinite suspension while charges of gross 'misconduct' are investigated.
Dioceses are writing and implementing policies on clergy 'misconduct' .
These two had also both been found guilty of serious professional 'misconduct' , which most of the voters probably did not know.
The issue never got as far as whether spitting constitutes gross 'misconduct' .
she was found guilty of professional 'misconduct' by a disciplinary tribunal
He faced being dismissed from his job for gross 'misconduct' if his employers learned of the offence.
It is the duty of the media to reveal 'misconduct' and this attempt at doing so should be applauded.
Within fifteen minutes, my files had been impounded - and an inquiry launched to investigate potential scientific 'misconduct' .
A player who receives a 'misconduct' penalty will remain off the ice for ten minutes.
South Africa captain du Plessis fined for misconduct
FC Goa fined, footballers Sabrosa and Dumas suspended for misconduct
ICAI probes CAs for misconduct, says don't criticise note ban
Kerala Blasters fined Rs 6 lakh for misconduct
Spacey seeks treatment amid sexual misconduct allegations
White House reporter suspended for alleged sexual misconduct
Salon bans Brett Ratner over sexual misconduct
Gene Simmons denies sexual misconduct accusations
Stallone denies sexual misconduct allegation
Wenger charged by FA for misconduct against officials
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