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the project was dogged by misfortune
bad luck.
translation of 'misfortune'
In Ireland, in particular, 'misfortune' was frequently blamed on fairies as well as witches.
It was almost a challenge, or perhaps even a test to see if 'misfortune' had taught them anything.
The biggest lesson that he's taken almost five years to teach me is to overcome 'misfortune' .
Not infrequently clubs are the architects of their own 'misfortune' .
Needless to say, losing one's source of income at a young age is a devastating personal 'misfortune' .
The simple fact is these firms are businesses and they aren't in it for your benefit, they are in it to make money out of your 'misfortune' .
it was my 'misfortune' that I was absent
I have no doubt that there is a lesson which stands to be learnt from Alice's 'misfortune' .
that family is plagued by 'misfortune'
the project was dogged by 'misfortune'
But the following years bring 'misfortune' more grievous than any in London.
I decided to be happy every day no matter what comes, discomfort or 'misfortune' .
For too long people in Scotland have tried to see Scottish 'misfortune' as the consequence of being governed from London.
Wasn't she the one who unleashed all manner of 'misfortune' upon the world?
It has been my great fate, or 'misfortune' , to follow a speech more notable for its volume than for any sense.
The lower gods can either assist people or bring 'misfortune' to them.
And in just one respect, Britain was the architect of its own 'misfortune' .
that's your 'misfortune'!
Normally I'm not this philosophical when it comes to personal 'misfortune' .
the project was dogged by 'misfortune'
After our brief jaunt across campus, we made our way to our hotel, where 'misfortune' struck once again.
You shouldn't be surprised that 'misfortune' befalls noble men.
He must be somehow rejected in his own country and is now making everyone he meets pay for his 'misfortune' .
I lamented my 'misfortune' in picking someone so completely incompatible and agonized for weeks.
We feel deep sympathy for such children and lament their continuing 'misfortune' .
In other words, they should not blame their 'misfortune' on anybody else.
she'd had more than her fair share of 'misfortune'
It makes the city look money-hungry and willing to profit from one of its citizen's 'misfortunes' .
Even so, his words and evidence have been discredited in ways which make the public feel he might be responsible for his own 'misfortunes' .
Film producers tend to blame cable TV and video piracy for their 'misfortunes' .
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