English to Hindi Dictionary misleading


the government misled the public about the road's environmental impact
cause (someone) to have a wrong idea or impression about someone or something.
your article contains a number of misleading statements
giving the wrong idea or impression.
translation of 'misleading'
भटकाने वाला,
धोखे से भरा हुआ,
You'd get a falling average price, but it would be very 'misleading' .
Watch any car ad on TV and you'll see propaganda that's deliberately 'misleading' .
So it was covered up by a deliberately 'misleading' statement.
They were excellent, though the description gives a 'misleading' impression of oriental flavours.
Plus, it makes one very 'misleading' statement at the start.
I am satisfied that that was a highly 'misleading' statement.
They also provide grossly 'misleading' information on animal research.
To ask whether there are any human, or natural rights is to pose a potentially 'misleading' question.
Unfortunately, that translation, while perhaps the best available, is somewhat 'misleading' .
Signs of character during this period can thus be very 'misleading' .
The law lets any citizen sue over allegedly false or 'misleading' statements by a business.
I have to say that I think the name of this film is somewhat 'misleading' .
There are a number of 'misleading' and just plain wrong stereotypes floating around about jazz.
Day after day he sees vindictive, false and 'misleading' media stories.
They are, however, wrong in assuming that our paper gives a 'misleading' message.
It is an offence to make a false or 'misleading' statement about a property.
Her gut told her everything was wrong, even the kind introductions just a 'misleading' start.
However, this impression of inevitability, I think, is quite 'misleading' .
I give this commitment: I will never use 'misleading' headlines in this way.
Well, it may arise independently but we are now talking about what you said was false and 'misleading' statement.
The motion said the war was ‘unjustified and based on 'misleadingly' presented and falsely interpreted intelligence’ and called for a fundamental review of intelligence assessment methods.
What we do use is a method of trial and the examination of error; however 'misleadingly' this method may look like induction, its logical structure, if we examine it closely, totally differs from that of induction.
And the oval is 'misleadingly' positioned to the right.
But in spite of the 'misleadingness' of such expectations, they nevertheless exist.
Again, it is the tireless work of community activists who are attempting to halt this ever increasing drive towards the corporate free-for-all that has 'misleadingly' been dubbed globalisation.
But how is 'misleadingness' to be measured?
You can safely assume that, with this level of 'misleadingness' in the ‘serious’ media, the reporting of the tabloid media, largely interested ONLY in demonising the protesters, was worse still.
Most trapdoor spiders but not all are 'misleadingly' named, as not all species make a door for their burrows.
However, Consumers Union believes that USDA's proposal would add to, rather than reduce, the 'misleadingness' of several labels.
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