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राजनीतिक संदेश
he hastily banged out electronic missives
a letter, especially a long or official one.
translation of 'missive'
संदेश पत्र सरकारी,
राजा द्वारा बिशप के नामनिर्देशन या नामजदगी के लिए पत्र
औपचारिक पैग़ाम,
राजनीतिक संदेश
Quickly dubbed ‘the French letter,’ the 'missive' became an object of derision and only heightened contempt for French actions.
yet another 'missive' from the Foreign Office
As she ended her words to the counsel, she handed over both the 'missive' and the threatening note to a page who delivered it to Captain Allende.
Quite honestly, I had forgotten about the electronic 'missive' , but I searched through my archives to find a copy.
While we were checking, we got a 'missive' direct from Net Authority Investigations noting the following.
Crikey, your recent twitterings have made me realise that I omitted a word from my last 'missive' , which you were apparently so taken by.
I haven't been hit with unsolicited electronic 'missives' during the couple of weeks I've been testing the service.
There were also a surprising number of 'missives' about the value of local credit unions (indeed, adding them together, credit unions were also tied in second place).
Firstly, you wouldn't think a member of this group could misspell ‘Christian,’ but sure enough, one of the 'missives' had the word as ‘Christain’ three times.
As a tactic, this may be appropriate for 'missives' directed at MPs, which was the last campaign sponsored by the group of private-sector organisations.
These 'missives' all went directly to McCrann's personal email.
However, while this forum is almost certainly the only one in the country prepared to indulge readers' 'missives' on the topic, it is also demonstrably the least (if at all) legitimate target.
This was in the days before the internet and I, as a young cub reporter, had to send my 'missives' from the front line back to the Telegraph by carrier pigeon.
As it is, he constantly whisks electronic 'missives' to staff and customers - his email address is made public - singing praises and responding to problems.
The Herald's letters page erupted with angry 'missives' from teachers and parents.
I noted that all such 'missives' contained the same message - don't draw attention to Red Sea diving or you'll get it a bad name.
Susan Peters, I'm given to understand that some of his 'missives' , his letters, are rather personal.
Space, he said, was the reason given when he called the paper to complain - although he remains convinced that his incorrect perspective on world affairs is the real explanation his 'missives' were consigned to the rubbish bin.
Soon after his installation in Chicago, George was dubbed ‘Francis the Corrector’ for 'missives' he sent to pastors on various liturgical issues.
Unlike the first letter way back in November, these later 'missives' brought a response.
He began to go through the drawers, letter slots, pulling out and examining notes and 'missives' .
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