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he had misunderstood the policeman's hand signals
fail to interpret or understand (something) correctly.
a misunderstanding of the facts and the law
a failure to understand something correctly.
translation of 'misunderstanding'
a 'misunderstanding' of the government's plans
His accomplished studies of human failure and 'misunderstanding' are more than mere reels of celluloid.
he left the army after a slight 'misunderstanding' with his commanding officer
The idea that mutual assured destruction is a policy choice shows a complete 'misunderstanding' of the basic facts of existence.
there must have been some kind of 'misunderstanding'
‘We understand that the 'misunderstanding' arose from the use of different types of terminology, and apologise for any confusion caused,’ she said.
This has resonated with audiences who find it cathartic - British sitcoms traditionally deal in failure, disappointment and 'misunderstanding' .
There was a slight 'misunderstanding' over his bags, but finally, by allowing him to take some of my weight allowance, we finally agree we'd be okay.
Later he simply couldn't be bothered to correct the 'misunderstanding' .
there must be some 'misunderstanding'
But I can understand how this 'misunderstanding' happened
Firman said the dispute was triggered by a minor 'misunderstanding' between a member of the police's Mobile Brigade and a group of marines.
She said the lack of understanding or the 'misunderstanding' of reporting procedures has, in some cases, led to unnecessarily prolonged investigations.
The premier himself and the interpreter soon realized the 'misunderstanding' and corrected the translation, to the amusement of everyone involved.
there must have been some kind of 'misunderstanding'
To correct his 'misunderstanding' and misperceptions I have addressed the following open letter to him which touches upon some key concepts and basic points.
It is becoming fashionable now that any slight incident of 'misunderstanding' should discharge wanton destruction and lawlessness.
Now, while disagreement and 'misunderstanding' are certainly common, they are not so common as to prevent all effective communication.
a 'misunderstanding' of the facts and the law
he left the army after a slight 'misunderstanding' with his commanding officer
I want to correct a 'misunderstanding' or mistake that may have been made in answer to question No.1.
The slightest 'misunderstanding' could result in big trouble for the locals, including being beaten and kicked.
I couldn't even begin to understand what his 'misunderstanding' was.
they had a slight 'misunderstanding'
In a way this suggested that there was nothing more substantial to the conflict than a 'misunderstanding' and old-fashioned prejudice: a falling out between neighbours.
They are open to 'misunderstandings' , misinterpretations, misgivings and mistakes.
Both of them have a history of 'misunderstandings' and conflicts with the leadership.
There is bound to be confrontation, conflict, 'misunderstandings' , arguments and disagreements.
This is best done in a tentative fashion, allowing the person to correct any 'misunderstandings' .
It is even difficult to tell whether these exchanges are promoting mutual understanding or increasing the 'misunderstandings' .
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