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a momentary lapse of concentration
lasting for a very short time; brief.
translation of 'momentary'
एक दम का,
A father watching his daughter comb her brother's hair experiences a 'momentary' pang of pure happiness.
Either it slipped my mind that I was, in fact, 19, or I'd suffered 'momentary' aphasia.
He thought it was a 'momentary' loss of concentration by the car driver who he expected to correct the manoeuvre.
The sense of relief is 'momentary' as further scrutiny reveals the cracks in the economy.
It may have been due to her diabetes or a 'momentary' lapse of concentration that she drifted across the road.
A 'momentary' drop in concentration and Schuettler was two breaks down and the set had slipped away from him.
In any event, she was charming in the face of my 'momentary' lapse in speech.
She needed to know that it was just a 'momentary' lapse in judgement and that she was his only love.
The distant clatter of a milk van revives a long-lost, though 'momentary' , reverie.
Any one person can win the game, his unfortunate 'momentary' rival getting the blame for the inverse loss.
Both the question and the response caused a 'momentary' hush in the crowd.
All drivers have 'momentary' lapses and if that is a crime then we are all criminals.
I had a 'momentary' insight into the fragility and mortality of mankind.
France takes the idea of passion being a mediating factor further, like 'momentary' madness.
But despite the 'momentary' release, it doesn't solve the problem, and may compound it.
She took advantage of his 'momentary' weakness to drive her elbows into his stomach.
There are a couple of brief gaps in the print causing very slight and 'momentary' jumps within a scene.
What took place was a 'momentary' loss of temper and he struck out in anger.
Occasionally he tapped the ash, a 'momentary' pause in the almost mechanical rhythm of the smoking.
The attack helicopter's appearance did cause a 'momentary' pause in the battle.
Despite the extreme artificiality and banality of this Hollywood equation, he manages to convey some of the charged 'momentariness' of a real-life encounter.
Nothing is excluded, which aids in recreating a feeling of spontaneity and 'momentariness' .
The world's very vividness and poignancy results from the 'momentariness' of our experience.
The thesis of the 'momentariness' of human existence has had a recent defender in Derek Parfit.
Despite their 'momentariness' within the whole work, it is probable that a late 15 th-century audience familiar with the chanson would have found these quotations striking.
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