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After his death, the Athenians honored his memory with a statue, and a monument to him was erected in his own country.
a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.
translation of 'monument'
The passengers erected a 'monument' to honour him.
Today, this volume stands as a fitting and lasting 'monument' of its time to Finzi's pioneering work on behalf of the composer whose achievements he valued so much.
The event also felt like a 'monument' to the architectural establishment.
The nearby beach where the toddler loved to play has also been renamed after him and locals want to erect a marble 'monument' to the youngster.
Her admirers later had a 'monument' placed over her grave.
Beyond that, the clan system is the ultimate 'monument' to the genealogical structure of society.
Pat also contributed his expertise voluntarily over the years and the designs of the buildings are a 'monument' to his skill.
Long after the artist's death, the King opposed the Royal Academy's proposal of 1805 to erect a 'monument' to Reynolds at St Paul's.
I played along the railroad he helped bring to Ripley, Mississippi in sight of the 'monument' covering his grave.
The second type of tomb was erected as a 'monument' to honour the dead and to preserve their memory.
They begin with the proposal to erect a 'monument' to a famous figure.
The building was a 'monument' to gloomy Edwardian luxury, with a hallway of marble and panelled wood.
a handsome 'monument' of granite is placed over the grave
The media could publicise the event and help provide additional funding for a worthwhile 'monument' to enhance York's beauty.
We certainly ought to have the most impressive, beautiful monument to mark the tragedy, but I think you have space for both, the buildings and the 'monument' .
a simple stone 'monument' marked the nearby crash site
And despite a police appeal the 'monument' from the family grave of Robert, the village schoolmaster for almost 40 years, was not returned.
After the war, a new village was built nearby and the tragedy was commemorated by a 'monument' and a memorial rose garden.
Once there a top New York sculptor will work the stone into a fitting 'monument' to be given pride of place within the new gardens.
After his death, the Athenians honored his memory with a statue, and a 'monument' to him was erected in his own country.
He realized this was not just a 'monument' but also a grave, and the inscription was an epitaph.
He died in comparative poverty, but was buried in Westminster Abbey, where Lady Anne Clifford, countess of Dorset, paid for his handsome 'monument' .
The Shrine is a 'monument' to the dedication of the people who built it and maintained it.
recordings that are a 'monument' to the art of playing the piano
a 'monument' to Magellan is in the main square of the city
An historical 'monument' is interesting, but to make it a tourist attraction, investments are needed in infrastructure.
In 1889 a 'monument' to him was erected at the location of his execution.
A dream of erecting a 'monument' to the Battle of Britain is now one step closer after fundraisers hit the halfway mark £600,000.
He said the memorial would be a 'monument' to Corrie's courage and sacrifice for peace and justice in Palestine.
The winner of a design for a 'monument' to commemorate the signing of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown is to be announced today in the township.
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