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When the country is invaded by enemies, the nation's leader will call on everyone to protect the motherland .
one's native country.
translation of 'motherland'
Tensions were exacerbated by the discovery that the rivers of Australia were rather different from the rivers of the 'motherland' .
What is obvious also is that Gupta is a fan of his 'motherland' 's food.
But when he goes home to his 'motherland' , Armenia, it's quite a different story.
And when the children reached a certain age, we were all whisked off back to the 'motherland' 8 months a year for boarding school.
But Rudi was having too much fun, and it would be decades before he would consider a return to his 'motherland' .
As I type this, I am back in the 'motherland' , England, for a week.
Traditionally, the attitude toward the 'motherland' among Russian speakers abroad has been complex.
We shall not shrink from making any sacrifice to guard and protect every inch of our beloved 'motherland' .
He said that July 1 was a joyful day for the entire Chinese race as it marked the reunification of Hong Kong with the 'motherland' .
When the country is invaded by enemies, the nation's leader will call on everyone to protect the 'motherland' .
So why did I come to the 'motherland' to publicly declare that I am willing to abandon liberalism.
The feeling then was that I was returning to my 'motherland' .
They are shown as noble and selfless defenders of the 'motherland' despite the reality which sees them plagued by corruption and incompetence.
Finally, at the end of the 1970s, Chechens were allowed to return to their 'motherland' .
Well, martyrs always receive the highest honour especially if they lose their life defending their 'motherland' .
Both of his offspring now reside in their 'motherland' , Germany.
In his letters, he reportedly said that he would like to come back to the 'motherland' and serve the nation.
Wu has returned to the culture of his 'motherland' , China.
He devoted his life, blood and sweat to the well-being of the 'motherland' and the nation.
But the distance hasn't lessened their love for their 'motherland' .
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