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प्रेरित करना
he was primarily motivated by the desire for profit
provide (someone) with a motive for doing something.
translation of 'motivate '
प्रोत्साहित करना,
प्रवृत्त करना,
अभिप्रेरित करना,
चालित करना
उत्तेजित करना,
प्रेरणा देना,
वजह पेश करना,
प्रेरित करना,
हेतु प्रस्तुत करना
Your interest can 'motivate' her to stay on and take exams.
I'm going to 'motivate' kids to study civics
it is the teacher's job to 'motivate' the child at school
But to be truthful it is very dull at the moment and it's a real job to 'motivate' myself to study.
What separates exceptional leaders from ordinary leaders is the ability to inspire and 'motivate' employees.
He understands how to 'motivate' writers, how to inspire them.
However, one of the main reasons behind this particular course, was to 'motivate' the children as regards to school attendance and classroom work.
The desire for peer approval and acceptance can 'motivate' young women to act in healthy or hurtful ways, either individually or in groups.
If patients are to be expected to take part in research for altruistic reasons they have a right to know what reasons 'motivate' the people carrying out the research.
He provides customised training, designed to 'motivate' staff and help them achieve peak performance.
he said he would 'motivate' funds to upgrade the food stalls
Finding out through experience what career options exist within the profession would 'motivate' students to study.
The biggest difficulty you have in this job is not to 'motivate' the players but to get them relaxed enough to express their talent.
You must be able to 'motivate' people, and be capable of providing training wherever necessary.
But even that will do little to 'motivate' employees if the job feels like a dead end.
It is my responsibility to 'motivate' volunteers and provide them with the tools required to do their jobs successfully.
He's surrounded by a talented and highly 'motivated' team led by crew chief John Stewart.
It matters little that you do not think you are racially 'motivated' .
Centres seemed to be generally well managed, and at most sites staff were well 'motivated' and enthusiastic about their new roles.
The most common reason 'motivating' women to take hormone replacement therapy is the relief of menopausal symptoms.
It 'motivates' people to lead better lives, and can provide a vision of humanity that enriches the lives of believers.
She was just a very successful headteacher who 'motivated' the children with her enthusiasm.
He was not 'motivated' by greed but by a desire to do something heroic, smash a drugs ring and present the evidence to police.
However, John Paul was 'motivated' by more than the desire for a free Polish state.
All great managers and 'motivators' instil an element of fear.
At the same time, he is 'motivated' by a keen desire to see the raising of Scotland's international profile.
Might they say you are highly skilled in terms of 'motivating' your students, in keeping them excited?
I almost feel as if the higher course load actually 'motivated' me to study more.
The judge, Mr Justice Wakerley, said he was sentencing them on the basis that the attack was not racially 'motivated' .
What 'motivates' him is a desire both to save money on trials, and secure more convictions.
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