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मोटर चालक
How many of you would stop if you saw a motorist who had broken down by the side of the road?
the driver of an automobile.
translation of 'motorists '
New cameras could be set up to take pictures of the faces of speeding 'motorists' .
They hope to trace 'motorists' using the garage at the time via their registration numbers.
If this results in 'motorists' having to sit fuming in traffic jams, the solution is in their hands.
Hundreds of 'motorists' have been stopped as part of a crackdown on seatbelt offenders.
It hopes the signs will make 'motorists' think twice about speeding and driving recklessly.
Residents say that their cars are being hit and scraped by 'motorists' driving too fast along the road.
All 380 'motorists' caught on a speed camera in the area last December will be cleared.
The gritters were out in force on Sunday and Monday and 'motorists' were urged to drive carefully.
An increasing number of 'motorists' use number plates that are difficult to read.
Wardens were told to note car registration numbers if they saw 'motorists' drop litter.
The nice thing about driving it is that 'motorists' pull over to let you pass.
She is now calling for traffic calming measures to reduce the speed of oncoming 'motorists' .
There were several miles of tailbacks after 'motorists' were brought to a standstill.
Traffic police have criticised 'motorists' who risk lives by driving with poor eyesight.
Police are set to launch a blitz on 'motorists' who drive while using mobile phones.
I was a bus driver for 30 years and saw a lot of 'motorists' happily driving down bus lanes.
No wonder the police go for the easy target of 'motorists' not wearing seatbelts!
The 'motorist' immediately stopped, as did several drivers travelling behind him.
In all, we believe that the 'motorist' should not, and must not, be treated as a criminal or as a cash cow.
How many of you would stop if you saw a 'motorist' who had broken down by the side of the road?
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