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In general, mountainous regions with their steep slopes and deep valleys are eroded fastest.
(of a region) having many mountains.
translation of 'mountainous'
In India, they can only be found today in the 'mountainous' regions of Kashmir and Ladakh.
The school is in a village in Auvergne, a rural and 'mountainous' region in France.
Nepal is a mostly 'mountainous' region made up of many small villages.
It proposes setting up mobile teams to provide specialist medical services in remote 'mountainous' regions.
an isolated 'mountainous' region
The southern part of the province is 'mountainous' with most villages situated at the foot of the mountains.
Since then, the 'mountainous' county has been prone to mudflows and landslides triggered by torrential rains.
The militants attack Indian forces almost daily in the 'mountainous' province.
The government, meanwhile, is burdened with a debt to rich creditors so 'mountainous' it can simply never be repaid.
The army, they say, lacked sufficient combat readiness to fight in 'mountainous' terrain.
The island, 'mountainous' and very pretty, features huge banana plantations.
Many very young people find themselves saddled with 'mountainous' debts.
In general, 'mountainous' regions with their steep slopes and deep valleys are eroded fastest.
The road traverses sandy and stony desert and 'mountainous' terrain.
Traditional alpine plants come from the 'mountainous' regions of the world.
Almost all the land is 'mountainous' and high above sea level.
they have 'mountainous' debts
Poor communication and transport in the remote and 'mountainous' region also hampered operations.
Victims were forced to live in sanatoriums on small islands or deep in 'mountainous' hinterlands.
Pakistan controls a thin slice of the valley in the west and a large tract of 'mountainous' land in the north.
It was a massive building lined with silver and jade, a 'mountainous' structure glimmering in the sun.
This time the Swindon-born aviator hopes to smash an altitude record in a balloon over 'mountainous' terrain.
The 'mountainous' region around the small Corsican town of Bastilyica breeds a hardy, proud people.
'mountainous' seas
In the background is a landscape of forests amid 'mountainous' terrain.
The 'mountainous' county has become a natural habitat for boars and owls, yet crops there have also been ruined by them.
Their course includes two of the highest roads in the world, so it will be a double challenge to cope with the 'mountainous' terrain and the altitude.
The soils in this 'mountainous' region of Portugal are shallow and stony.
Galicia is a 'mountainous' land of ever-present rain and mists and lush greenery.
It is famous for its 'mountainous' debt and its stupendous sales growth.
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