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multidimensional space
of or involving several dimensions or aspects.
translation of 'multidimensional'
बहुत परिमण का,
बहुत पहलू का
Critics often claim, furthermore, that the characters are more like types than real, 'multidimensional' people.
Distance matrix is a method to visualize 'multidimensional' data.
The 46-word vocabulary test was derived from the 'multidimensional' aptitude battery.
He worked on conjugate functions in 'multidimensional' euclidean space and the theory of functions of a complex variable.
The cyclic nature of this phenomenon is 'multidimensional' and complex.
Does your student's prospective school encourage or require the use of 'multidimensional' forms of expression?
Class is complex, class changes, class is 'multidimensional' .
This is achieved by the presence of flexible mechanisms that interact in 'multidimensional' networks of regulation at many levels of cellular activities.
The second issue is the computational complexity of the search over the space of possible 'multidimensional' models.
Without a doubt, this is a 'multidimensional' issue that defies a simple response.
Poverty was recognised as a complex and 'multidimensional' problem.
He also derides M-theory - the idea that we live in 'multidimensional' space.
Rather, they seem to use conventional medical diagnoses as one element in a broad, 'multidimensional' approach.
We have already started 'multidimensional' analysis of consumer behaviour.
Finally, this overly economistic representation of globalization detracts from the 'multidimensional' character of the phenomenon.
The quantification of chronic fatigue is problematic because of the 'multidimensional' nature of the condition.
Economic indicators focus primarily on income poverty, whereas health indicators provide a measure of the 'multidimensional' nature of poverty.
The effect is a 'multidimensional' exploration of Irish culture and of the nature of fiction, much influenced by Joyce.
At that point, the team begins constructing an alternative, 'multidimensional' solution to the problem.
On the other hand, the present findings do support the proposed 'multidimensional' nature of behavioral inhibition.
The 'multidimensionality' of self-concept emphasizes that people have different perceptions of themselves in specific domains of life, such as physical, social, and work.
Unfortunately, the spectrum of conflict that is emerging in the early twenty-first century is distinguished by its merging categories, its 'multidimensionality' and its unprecedented interaction.
Research designs should further allow consideration of spiritual change, assessed 'multidimensionally' , over time to assess whether such change represents a necessary condition for substance abuse behavior change.
Combat would instead be 'multidimensionally' and comprehensively joint.
Therefore it is important to show that Islam has the same 'multidimensionality' as Catholicism - and any other religion - concerning economic and political matters.
Measuring and presenting the data in various ways exploit the 'multidimensionality' of these signals.
The 'multidimensionality' of racial identity and its impact on the various communication dimensions of classroom learning led to the following research question and hypothesis.
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