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Screening for haemoglobin disorders shows what might be feasible using a multidisciplinary approach in primary care.
combining or involving several academic disciplines or professional specializations in an approach to a topic or problem.
However, a shared care, 'multidisciplinary' approach has many advantages.
The best approach is to make use of a team of 'multidisciplinary' professionals who are committed to limb salvage.
They suggested creating a 'multidisciplinary' forum for sharing best practices.
Media and communication scholars often take a 'multidisciplinary' approach.
Screening for haemoglobin disorders shows what might be feasible using a 'multidisciplinary' approach in primary care.
In this approach, 'multidisciplinary' teams deliver medical, psychosocial, and rehabilitative care.
Customised cataract surgery needs a 'multidisciplinary' approach at several levels.
Early lung cancer detection is complex and requires a 'multidisciplinary' approach.
The authors of this review favored a 'multidisciplinary' approach in the evaluation of sow housing systems.
Good 'multidisciplinary' working depends on good communication within teams and across disciplines.
In this study, community 'multidisciplinary' teams and hospital based care over one year were compared.
A 'multidisciplinary' health care team is needed to address the patient's holistic needs.
The 'multidisciplinary' medical notes become unwieldy and incoherent, and the drug chart runs to many pages.
He and his partners introduced weekly 'multidisciplinary' meetings, an approach that was ahead of its time.
Therefore, a 'multidisciplinary' task force was appointed and charged to rewrite the bylaws.
Policies and corrective action to address and prevent verbal abuse must be 'multidisciplinary' .
The trials did not provide data on which aspects of the 'multidisciplinary' approach led to improved outcome.
I would really like to work in that department, since it is not only 'multidisciplinary' but also academic.
'multidisciplinary' approach
This advice has changed dramatically, with the development of 'multidisciplinary' clinics for lupus in pregnancy.
As with other chronic conditions, a 'multidisciplinary' approach is essential to manage the ataxias successfully.
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