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multilateral negotiations
agreed upon or participated in by three or more parties, especially the governments of different countries.
translation of 'multilateral'
अनेक भुजाओंवाला,
There have been eight rounds of 'multilateral' trade negotiations since 1947.
Much of this increase is through 'multilateral' agencies as well as direct bilateral assistance.
The parties in the 'multilateral' talks also include China, Russia, South Korea and the United States.
It began with individual bankers and advisers giving way to 'multilateral' agencies.
Canada complained that France was breaking 'multilateral' trade agreements.
In 1992 he was appointed director of 'multilateral' policy and two years later director of planning.
The Prime Minister says that she is supporting the 'multilateral' approach of the United Nations.
Stronger European standards would have provided a basis for negotiating more effectively for 'multilateral' standards.
In a sure sign of the times, there are increased warnings that the post-war 'multilateral' trade system is breaking down.
It is not, and was never meant to be, a 'multilateral' development aid agency for the poorer countries of Europe.
Further 'multilateral' agreements to control nuclear weapons were both welcome to CND and blunted its cutting edge.
It is a 'multilateral' aid programme and operates on the basis of voluntary contributions pledged at irregular intervals.
The first Chennai Water Supply Project, also funded by the 'multilateral' agency, was completed six years ago.
Aid programmes in such regimes are done through 'multilateral' institutions which bypass the government.
As a result, a 'multilateral' nuclear arms race may erupt, which will pose a great danger to the world.
The world is a safer place when 'multilateral' processes are followed and the international rule of law upheld.
It is imperative for that meeting to launch a new round of 'multilateral' trade negotiations.
Some of the 'multilateral' agencies are not just focusing on GDP figures at this point.
Participating in ambitious 'multilateral' commitments is therefore in their interest.
North Korea has repeatedly opposed the issue being raised during the 'multilateral' negotiations.
The 'multilateral' negotiations offer us the best opportunities as a trading nation.
He was outlining our 'multilateral' disarmament policy.
Talks between the two countries hold the key for the 'multilateral' negotiations.
On the regional level, there has been an extraordinary proliferation of 'multilateral' organizations and agreements.
New or not, the council members said the need for a 'multilateral' organization is real.
Our interests are best protected not by unilateral action but by 'multilateral' agreement and a world order governed by rules.
The last 20 years have seen a change in the relative efficiency and effectiveness of 'multilateral' and bilateral aid.
The United States was the driving force behind all the 'multilateral' negotiations.
I will continue to seek solutions to the problems of this region through dialog and 'multilateral' diplomacy.
Of course the Pacific Islands Forum itself is a 'multilateral' organisation, and the support was offered unanimously.
India, Singapore call for multilateral action on terrorism
Multilateral committee to monitor reconstruction in Nepal
Multilateral FIs allowed to invest in 'masala bonds'
Cabinet approves of multilateral convention to prevent BEPS
Pope, Merkel meet to talk multilateral relations, climate change
Must counter challenges to multilateral trading system: PM
Multilateralism crucial in protecting marine biodiversity: UN
TRENDING: NATO Secretary General praises France as ''champion of multilateralism''
Germany wants to strengthen multilateralism with China: Merkel
China, EU agree to defend multilateral trade
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