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Ireland's drinks market is dominated by the multinationals but one smaller operation is making inroads.
a company operating in several countries.
1,500 troops were sent to join the multinational force
including or involving several countries or individuals of several nationalities.
translation of 'multinational'
Most contentiously, Pakistan's military ruler has allegedly agreed to allow a 'multinational' force to be stationed inside the country's borders.
The resolution would authorise a 'multinational' force sought by some potential troop-contributing nations led by the US.
Multilateralists can argue that the presence of a 'multinational' force made all the difference.
Smaller farms in Britain and Africa go out of business as they struggle to compete with 'multinational' operations.
China, for instance, was opened up to 'multinational' corporations run by Chinese businesspeople who had lived or studied abroad.
They can accommodate the individual, the small business, and the 'multinational' corporation.
A 'multinational' force of US, French and Italian units then moved in.
On the face of it, leading a 'multinational' force of peacekeepers to Guadalcanal should be a relatively uncontroversial exercise.
Now according to 'multinational' forces, the U.S. aircraft dropped this bomb in the courtyard of a house, the damage plain to see.
For many 'multinational' firms doing business in unfamiliar countries, it made sense to create joint ventures with local firms.
A warlord in the Solomon Islands surrendered Wednesday to a 'multinational' intervention force in the South Pacific island nation.
Account holders vary as well, from individuals through to 'multinational' enterprises and governments.
Other actors such as 'multinational' corporations or international organizations all have to work within the framework of inter-state relations.
This year I noticed that a few 'multinational' organizations have begun sending releases in more than one language.
Recent surveys showed that a majority of the electorate opposed Japanese participation in the 'multinational' force.
Want to know how governments act to crush independent business while protecting 'multinational' oil cartels?
He's asked the 'multinational' forces to stay there and to help him.
It authorizes the 'multinational' force to remain in Iraq to help ensure security but gives the Iraqi government the right to ask the force to leave at any time.
There were battalions of 'multinational' forces of hired fighters, who went to work for the dictator or guerrilla leader who paid their price.
Right now 'multinational' business enjoys a relatively borderless world.
And the State Department has already indicated that a 'multinational' force will be sent to the Haiti soon.
Special forces have the advantage of being a niche capability that can be quickly assimilated into a 'multinational' force.
The problem is when 'multinational' corporations are able to operate transnationally without the democratic social controls that operate at national levels.
A global system implies the emergence of 'multinational' companies which operate in a number of states, and which own especial loyalty to no one state.
As long as they remain reliant on the 'multinational' forces, it will be difficult to create a national consensus that will allow the elections to succeed.
After all, that's a typical age for a CEO of a large, 'multinational' organization.
They are saying the only route to sustainable development is partnership with business and self regulation of 'multinational' corporations.
We set up an archive business for 'multinational' firms some years ago.
The imperial state operates in synergy with its 'multinational' corporations.
If the United States continues to enter conflicts as a partner of a 'multinational' force, it will have to observe international laws.
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