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his climbing record lists a multiplicity of ascents
a large number.
translation of 'multiplicity'
अनेक भेद,
This classic narrative structure theoretically permits a 'multiplicity' of perspectives.
Currently, local police forces have to address a 'multiplicity' of demands on their resources.
the rain forests and the 'multiplicity' of species that they harbor
Democracy assumes a 'multiplicity' of answers to a problem.
That means the state should fund a system which offered a 'multiplicity' of schools - grammar schools, yes, but many other types of specialisms, too.
For some hardline individuals on a great number of issues there simply is no room for debate or a 'multiplicity' of opinion at all.
State legislatures also host a 'multiplicity' of political parties.
The word ‘racism’ can cover a 'multiplicity' of sins and doesn't really describe what I went through.
However, the biological significance of this 'multiplicity' of enzymes remains unclear.
A 'multiplicity' of think tanks, utilising networking techniques, can be a source of innovation and new ideas.
Having the Web's 'multiplicity' of information at our fingertips empowers and diminishes us.
There's a multiplicity of radio stations, there's a 'multiplicity' of individual markets.
There is a 'multiplicity' of things that could be said about this town.
Moreover, it simply would not be possible to abandon this 'multiplicity' of struggles.
In a 'multiplicity' of other ways too he is a driving force, the man of so many parts that seemingly everyone is in demand of him almost on a daily basis.
The thing to avoid, I think, is a 'multiplicity' of bodies that trip over each other.
The abuse of women stems from a 'multiplicity' of cultural circumstances influenced by power relations.
Future research should attempt to assess the complexity or 'multiplicity' of roles that constitute the work role.
The nursing home sector in Ireland has experienced significant growth over the past few years due to a 'multiplicity' of social and economic factors.
his climbing record lists a 'multiplicity' of ascents
It has a 'multiplicity' of meanings, as I hope has become clear.
It is this 'multiplicity' of choices that drives a consumer society.
the demand for higher education depends on a 'multiplicity' of factors
The family, then, is not a naturally occurring fixed phenomenon but a concept which is constructed in a 'multiplicity' of ways and for a variety of purposes.
The world is now turning towards India because such 'multiplicity' of cultures is not found anywhere else.
When you do that, you will find that there are a 'multiplicity' of firms ready and willing to take your money to provide the relevant services.
The site is suitable for a 'multiplicity' of uses subject to planning permission.
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