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An example of multitasking would be: running your Internet browser and word processor at the same time.
the simultaneous execution of more than one program or task by a single computer processor.
translation of 'Multitasking'
I know I dream of slowing down, of spending hours cooking and eating good food with family and friends, of wandering instead of rushing, and doing nothing instead of 'multitasking' .
Running on top of these impressive hardware specs was an equally powerful operating system that supporting full pre-emptive 'multitasking' and had a modular design.
An example of 'multitasking' would be: running your Internet browser and word processor at the same time.
However, this apparent 'multitasking' is just an illusion, because any single-CPU computer is limited to doing one thing at a time.
Does the 'multitasking' for which women are often lauded present impenetrable obstacles in the race for single-minded achievement, performance and classic, capitalist definitions of success?
Since I am the queen of 'multitasking' , I have started using my Big City dates as excuses to spend the night and go to Big City Research U. library the next day.
Today, people need a myriad of ways to communicate - and those communication tools that allow for 'multitasking' are high on the list.
For most mainstream applications, any of the motherboards we tested will perform well enough, but if you want a closer look at the test results, consult our gaming and 'multitasking' test reports.
In a nation of 'multitasking' workaholics, insomnia strikes 127 million adults.
Much to my shame I retorted that if her 'multitasking' skills were so admirable then why did she only ever use them to forget four things at once?
Following the trend of 'multitasking' , the fashion designers also did a role-swap - they turned bartenders.
When your schedule is as packed as mine you have to master the art of 'multitasking' to get things done.
Major 'multitasking' going on, which always leads to interesting results.
It's a job that prohibits any sort of 'multitasking' .
In between they tinker with the radio or CD players - seemingly innocuous 'multitasking' that is a dangerous distraction.
I think in general, why some people can do well at what they call 'multitasking' is because the effort to do it is so stimulating.
I was on the phone to a friend, also an actress, drinking a cup of tea, heating up some porridge and doing the washing up (this is low level 'multitasking' ; the kind that comes easily to women).
Most users may not realize it, but they are doing quite a bit of 'multitasking' such as having an Internet browser up, as well as a chat client, virus scanner and some kind of productivity software running.
We laughed at him and asked why he had a cell phone, and apparently, it's one of those 'multitasking' everything-in-one phones.
They 'multitask' less often than those who work together, but still do so frequently.
On the one hand there has been a certain amount of rather unfair commentary on how my inability to 'multitask' leads me to cook dishes that arrive on the table in one pot.
She also carries a smaller piece of screen which 'multitasks' as a colander, salad spinner, and scouring pad.
Your employment is as diversified as your ability to 'multitask' .
However, it is an overrated and counterproductive trap, often misconstrued as dedication to the job, while failure to 'multitask' is often seen as being lazy.
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