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the tree of life is one of the oldest of all mythological symbols
relating to, based on, or appearing in myths or mythology.
translation of 'mythological'
One reason for the choice of historical and 'mythological' subjects was their symbolic importance.
In death, he won the sort of 'mythological' status to which she aspires and, arguably, will never have.
By the early 1970s, wooden 'mythological' figurines began to appear in his shop window between his kidneys and his chops.
Each is a symbolic portrait of a 'mythological' or historically significant woman.
Most people, it should be said, like to name their pets after 'mythological' and legendary figures.
Their subject-matter was allegorical or 'mythological' , while music, mime, and singing featured along with the dance.
These are basically Celtic crosses with some Scandinavian-style decoration, including 'mythological' scenes.
The lids of the latter type were frequently decorated with 'mythological' and/or erotic scenes.
A couple seen from the back (one in widow's weeds) peer at a large, oval 'mythological' scene on an easel.
Moreover these interpretations are heavily allegorical and 'mythological' .
Other planets have been named after ancient myths and 'mythological' beings.
Twelve years on, Robin has attained 'mythological' status.
They depict portraits, 'mythological' stories, biblical scenes and landscapes.
This is one of those dishes that has 'mythological' culinary status.
This Frankfurt-born artist who was based in Rome specialised in biblical and 'mythological' subjects in oil on copper panels.
Whether the subject was a portrait, a landscape, or even a 'mythological' scene, accurate representation of the subject was the supreme value.
Moreover, what little is known about his life tends to be indelibly intermixed with a rich 'mythological' overlay.
Although Spaniards occasionally collected 'mythological' scenes, they were more likely to import them than to buy them from local painters.
At the moment there are around 350 pieces housed at the historic hall, including four spectacular wall lights each with a different 'mythological' scene.
Her earliest works were portrait busts and relief panels with religious and 'mythological' subjects, for which she often used her family and friends as models.
We do indeed share a common origin, scientifically and 'mythologically' .
Other 'mythologically' inspired names are Radha and Krishna, and Ram and Lakhan.
Death also has great symbolic significance, and is represented 'mythologically' by the figure of Mra, the Buddhist devil.
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