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Playing with a sense of loyalty, commitment, nationalism and pride.
patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.
translation of 'nationalism'
Pride and 'nationalism' are strong motivators that need to be managed diplomatically.
In the process, they dropped the main demand of Irish 'nationalism' that Northern Ireland be recognised as an integral part of the Irish state.
And yet a social principle that goes beyond 'nationalism' raises itself again and again.
He rejected 'nationalism' and instead advocated a state which based its legitimacy on Islam and implemented sharia.
First, 'nationalism' does provide a principle of legitimacy that underpins the modern state system.
playing with right-wing 'nationalism'
From the 1980s on, it gradually became an issue of 'nationalism' and patriotic sentiment.
One view of white 'nationalism' is that whites are allowed to display ethnic pride, like any other ethnicity.
An important consequence of the 1967 war was revival of Palestinian Arab 'nationalism' .
That then leaves the xenophobic shadow that dogs 'nationalism' as the key issue to be addressed.
The mass media promote racism and 'nationalism' in an effort to divide us and blind us from the real problems of society.
Those who were pleased with the collapse were not people who thought much about political liberty but people whose major concern was 'nationalism' .
Playing with a sense of loyalty, commitment, 'nationalism' and pride.
an early consciousness of 'nationalism' and pride
Is that a core value for you, that idea of 'nationalism' and national identity?
The link between continental 'nationalism' and the Scottish variety has long been a highly sensitive point for the SNP.
Indonesia now is again run by politicians favoring secular 'nationalism' , with Christians regaining influence.
And this is the time of the World Cup games when 'nationalism' via sport is given pride of place before all else.
In recent times we have seen how the name of religion can be used to justify a vicious form of chauvinistic 'nationalism' and even terrorism.
They were created with the aim of appeasing Indian 'nationalism' and preventing India's eventual independence.
Symbols of 'nationalism' are linked centrally to independence.
Serb 'nationalism' was, for Milosevic, a matter of political strategy alone.
Cultural 'nationalism' is still a powerful force to be reckoned with.
Hindutva (extreme Hindu 'nationalism' ) cannot survive without a real or imagined enemy.
It is a day which recalls where jingoism and 'nationalism' can lead when placed in the wrong hands.
Is there an effort to whip up 'nationalism' to divert attention from the social problems, poverty, unemployment?
This helps explain the persistence and even strengthening of cultural 'nationalism' after political independence.
Hold an enormous global competition every four years, encouraging rampant 'nationalism' and sporting pride.
The movement's patriotic rhetoric often inclines into aggressive 'nationalism' .
Above all Irish political 'nationalism' demanded a state wherein for good or ill the people decide their own destiny.
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