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sound could at last be recorded with incredible ease and at negligible cost
so small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant.
translation of 'negligible'
बहुत कम,
बहुत थोड़ा,
The amount of crime reported to us is 'negligible' , although for anyone who suffers it's one crime too many.
A modest or 'negligible' rise in labor costs will not have a major effect on inflation, he said.
This is common sense really, but I have no doubt that the chances of it being adopted are 'negligible' due to cost.
The Licence Committee's view is that this could not be considered 'negligible' .
A spokesman for the county council said only one sign was to be moved at a 'negligible' cost.
Telephone networks are digital, and the marginal cost of providing a call is 'negligible' .
Any help or assistance is sufficient provided it is not so insignificant as to be 'negligible' .
Any error introduced while measuring the width of strips a d is considered 'negligible' .
Publishing on the web costs a lot less than publishing on paper, although its costs are not 'negligible' .
I chose not to point out the 'negligible' cost of such an economic crime to them, but continued to grovel for clemency.
Except for the 'negligible' cost of printing the money, the central bank incurs no other cost in producing it.
Some consider this of 'negligible' importance, but sound evidence exists to the contrary.
Instead, it allocates a 'negligible' amount for the maintenance and upkeep of the zoos.
I can give total online operations, and the cost of migration will be 'negligible' .
The proposed route would divert a 'negligible' amount of traffic from the city.
After a 'negligible' amount of sleep, it was up at eight on the Saturday, for a long day of activities.
Eventually the government award was appealed and reduced to a 'negligible' amount.
The start-up costs of digital are much greater than film, but the incremental costs are 'negligible' .
Even more foolishly, I assumed that the cost of keeping track of guns would be 'negligible' .
Yet, against that self-image stands a record of slight, even 'negligible' achievement.
Now that he's going, expect to read a deluge of diatribes by print journalists either lauding the awesome might of the people or shakily insisting on the ultimate 'negligibility' of the medium.
This, in the Tribunal's view, is in keeping with the Tribunal's decision in this motion that it can only determine the issue of 'negligibility' at the conclusion of the injury stage of its proceedings.
Contrary to Mr Ryan's statement, taxi usage has increased only 'negligibly' , and patient care hasn't been compromised.
As long as sex involves random mating, this advantage is 'negligibly' small unless deleterious mutations are very recessive.
The researchers say that a shell of plasmonic material will scatter light 'negligibly' if the light's frequency is close to the resonant frequency of the plasmons.
These relations are parametered by fuzzy sets which provide a semantics for the notions of 'negligibility' and closeness.
The scheme is quite straightforward in the case of the failure of individual, small banks - that is, banks that are a 'negligibly' small component of the banking system overall.
Yesterday, the Nader effect faded to 'negligibility' .
Almost two years after its founding, the Afghan national government is only 'negligibly' present in most of the nation, if at all.
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