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खरीद फरोख्त
his government's willingness to negotiate
try to reach an agreement or compromise by discussion with others.
there was a puddle to be negotiated
find a way over or through (an obstacle or difficult path).
translation of 'negotiate'
परक्रामण करना
बातचीत करना,
काम चलाना,
तय करना,
बेच डालना,
In some cases there is barely room for a pedestrian never mind a pram or wheelchair etc, and it is far too dangerous to go on to the road itself to 'negotiate' these obstacles.
Whatever the weather, the friendly drivers of the Ship and Anchor bus are happy to 'negotiate' the route between 17th Avenue and the Jubilee Auditorium.
The universal bus pass is an on-going initiative from the Region of Waterloo's transit division, Grand River Transit, to 'negotiate' a bus pass deal with students.
Finally, in the trial mode, gamers can take a dirt bike and try to 'negotiate' an obstacle course.
The court rules encourage both sides to 'negotiate' and reach agreement wherever possible.
The threat to smaller racecourses would come if bigger tracks decided to scrap the broadcasting contract altogether, and 'negotiate' fresh deals for themselves individually.
his government's willingness to 'negotiate'
they refused to 'negotiate' with the rebels
Neither will be signed in time for today's visit of Livingston, and given the precarious financial position at Dens Park, it is uncertain whether the Dark Blues can 'negotiate' a package to bring the two players in.
At the acknowledged point, they all appear and attempt to 'negotiate' the obstacle course of foot pedals and instruments.
She would also need to 'negotiate' a safe route to the field.
We have a theory that their journey time down to us is always short because the traffic just parts for them, and people stand and doff caps as they 'negotiate' the tricky route along the A3.
All visiting dignitaries were required to 'negotiate' an obstacle course.
Extra engineering work was needed to break through the concrete and 'negotiate' the obstacle, resulting in a slight delay to the five-month project.
Would you want to be a pedestrian or cyclist using such a street while some of the drivers around here try to 'negotiate' an obstacle course?
Rather, they were able to 'negotiate' a settlement with the English which brought their conflict to an end.
We set up a live-fire combat assault lane that required the soldiers to 'negotiate' a grueling obstacle course and engage targets as they moved through the course.
The terror was constant, especially when it became clear that all attempts to 'negotiate' a settlement had failed.
A team of 19 rescuers helped paramedics 'negotiate' obstacles including a link chain fence and an 8ft vertical drop to carry the teenager to safety.
Willingness to 'negotiate' and compromise, when appropriate, helps regain control of an explosive situation.
So my challenge, should anyone care to accept it, is to 'negotiate' a route, any route, from my home near Whitehill Road, Gravesend, into Gravesend town centre, do some basic shopping then home.
For a while the police tried to 'negotiate' a way to bring the 65 year-old cleric out of jail and off to a new cell without confrontation.
I've found lately that much of the work I might do for myself is about trying to bring influences into my life, or 'negotiate' whatever hurdles or obstacles there may be, so I can best live and act according to my nature.
The two do not discuss their animosities or attempt to 'negotiate' a peace settlement.
The different caucuses should also 'negotiate' and reach agreements between themselves in advance.
Progress was held up while extra engineering work was carried out to break through the concrete and 'negotiate' the obstacle.
The 'negotiators' would come up, attempt to talk this person into letting them go.
Instead, he and his attorney 'negotiated' a deal before a formal indictment was brought against him.
I'm only surprised that so many papers were filed and it appeared to be so ugly when the parties, apparently, had been 'negotiating' for weeks.
After several weeks of discussion, we 'negotiated' a new figure for rent in spite of our frustration towards the complete violation of our previously stated agreement.
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