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Los Angeles is notorious for its smog
famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.
translation of 'notorious '
This was the eighth time a vehicle has hit the wall this year in what has become a 'notorious' accident blackspot.
Bills of rights are 'notorious' for being the last ground of the desperate in litigation.
Channel Four is to film a version of Belle de Jour, one of the more 'notorious' weblogs, now finished.
The accident took place on the 'notorious' Fareham-to-Alton road near Mislingford.
Bethell has become 'notorious' for his high-profile campaign to normalise nudity.
This suggests that Matt's 'notorious' revamp of the weekend schedule has been less than a triumph.
The list is endless, but here are a few of the more 'notorious' celebrations of recent times.
So Cambridge Spies is not the story of the most 'notorious' agents in the history of spying, it's just a story.
But he also starred in countless films which are so bad they have become 'notorious' .
But he pressed on and his next task was the crossing of the 'notorious' Kaman River.
Three motorists had a lucky escape after a pile-up on a 'notorious' stretch of the A350.
For Dylan is not only the most renowned protest singer of his era but also its most 'notorious' renegade.
A campaign to curb speeders on one of the area's most 'notorious' roads has been given a boost.
The incident happened along Main Road, close to the green, in a spot 'notorious' for accidents.
The most 'notorious' woman in Colchester's history is making a return to the town she razed to the ground.
The fruit is 'notorious' for not falling off the tree, even when it is ripe to the point of spoiling.
In the process he became the most celebrated, or at least most 'notorious' , journalist of his era.
A 'notorious' accident spot that has been the scene of horrific road crashes is the focus of a new safety plan.
But it was a pastime which landed him a spell in one of Greece's most 'notorious' prisons.
Once considered painfully shy, he is now 'notorious' for being surly and unwilling to suffer fools.
It is derived from property valuations which are 'notoriously' inaccurate.
Such prodigies are 'notoriously' vulnerable to social isolation and emotional difficulties.
The obese relative had earned 'notoriety' for his aversion to exercise before death consumed him.
And that is not taking into account the stigma and 'notoriety' associated with divorcees.
The key is interpreting rules which, in this sport, are 'notoriously' vague.
His fear of 'notoriety' and censure may have exercised a good check on his behaviour but it doesn't essentially change anything.
They came away with a committed performance against a club who are 'notoriously' difficult to beat on their own pitch.
Walken, who is 'notoriously' reclusive, has remained tight-lipped about the film.
You have a lot of people that come forward that want the fame and the infamy of the 'notoriety' .
The show looks at the literary fame and social 'notoriety' of the Romantic poet during his life and his contemporary legacy.
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