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tubers from which plants obtain nourishment
the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.
translation of 'nourishment'
Royal patronage in China certainly had an aesthetic edge, so essential to the 'nourishment' of art, even if generated by peculiar foibles.
For instance, people demand food because of the 'nourishment' it offers them.
Holistic health care is a perfect technique for the 'nourishment' of mind, body and spirit.
So the nurse was responsible for the wellbeing of her patients and the 'nourishment' of the doctors' sense of professional self.
the 'nourishment' of our bodies and of our minds
Democracy is a plant that requires long 'nourishment' and does not take root everywhere.
The sturdy roots dug deep into unyielding rocks and drew 'nourishment' from the seemingly sterile soil.
Adequate 'nourishment' is critical when attempting any difficult mental and physical work.
If this congestion is not cleared up quickly, the blood will clot and arteries that bring the tissues their necessary 'nourishment' will become plugged and the tissues will die.
They all offer white bread, middle-of-the-road ideas or experiences entirely lacking in intellectual or emotional 'nourishment' .
My feeling is that there is a lack of spiritual 'nourishment' among younger people.
Although food is for 'nourishment' and growth of the body it also plays a key role in our social development.
They have been forced for over fifty years to stay in the camps, being fed diets of hate instead of the 'nourishment' of hope and peace which is their right.
It is unfortunate that art, culture, and religion conspire to convince us that food serves only two functions: 'nourishment' and social cohesion.
In this discussion Buddhists draw 'nourishment' and guidance from a centuries-old tradition of Christian meditative prayer and monastic practice.
Since you, the parent is the baby's primary source of physical and emotional 'nourishment' , your well being can contribute to the presence or absence of colic.
Much of the research, conducted on soldiers and workers in order to determine the minimum 'nourishment' necessary to maintain health, emphasized models of efficiency.
Parenting and education are to provide the 'nourishment' and care that allow these potentials to unfold.
Please bless this food to the 'nourishment' of our bodies.
she was starved of emotional 'nourishment'
The mineral composition of the rock as well as the soil affects the 'nourishment' of the vine.
A fortnight ago, they stopped the 'nourishment' , deliberately.
Also, he knew he needed bodily 'nourishment' to bring up his declining health.
The tree extends its roots deep within the soil to draw the finest and the richest minerals and elements for its 'nourishment' and growth irrespective of the type of soil.
They maintain the functions of all the organs and are important in the development and 'nourishment' of the body.
they suck out the sap and eliminate from it a sweet liquid for the 'nourishment' of their young
This has little to do with true 'nourishment' of body or soul.
His instincts tell him that is where he will find 'nourishment' .
Consider how the fruit of the Spirit in its splendid variety provides 'nourishment' for our souls.
Young artists ransacked antique shops and archives to find spiritual 'nourishment' beyond the groundwork that had been laid waste.
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