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पोषण विशेषज्ञ
A nutritionist and a fitness expert will develop a personalised weight-loss diet plan and an exercise regimen.
a person who studies or is an expert in nutrition.
translation of 'nutritionist'
पथ्य का डकटर
Your child's nutritional needs will be evaluated by the 'nutritionist' and medical staff frequently.
Regarding the workplace, it may be necessary to get a 'nutritionist' who will look after the nutritional welfare of employees.
A certified 'nutritionist' has a degree from an accredited institution in nutrition.
So he gives me a referral form for a 'nutritionist' , with the diagnosis being ‘Overweight’.
A 'nutritionist' and a fitness expert will develop a personalised weight-loss diet plan and an exercise regimen.
In the past, most Royal Colleges were unlikely to recognise a 'nutritionist' as a scientist.
You, your physician, and your 'nutritionist' need to work together to discuss nutrition concerns.
A degree in theatre arts hardly qualifies me as a 'nutritionist' or a psychologist.
Working with a qualified 'nutritionist' or trainer means getting safe and scientific advice.
A nutritional powerhouse, kale is adored by foodies and 'nutritionists' alike.
The benefits of eating whole grain wheat are widely acknowledged by scientists and 'nutritionists' around the world.
Physicians treat any medical complications, and 'nutritionists' advise on diet and eating regimens.
Parent groups and expert 'nutritionists' are lobbying for the Scottish parliament to introduce the legislation immediately.
They provide all of the usual doctors and physios and masseurs and 'nutritionists' and psychologists, and all of those things.
He was among a host of teachers and 'nutritionists' participating in a meeting held recently to discuss nutritional status of school children.
So far, evidence has been largely anecdotal: many parents, teachers, 'nutritionists' and some scientists insist there is a link.
Hence it is important that the lists should be as comprehensive as possible, compiled by 'nutritionists' on the basis of up to date nutritional science.
There are lots of so-called ‘nutritionists’ or ‘ 'nutritionalists' ’ who are more interested in making a quick buck than helping you get healthier.
We asked our panel of expert 'nutritionists' how they face everyday challenges that lead to weight gain.
It now seems that many scientists and 'nutritionists' are suggesting that foods relatively rich in some fats are good for us, that we do need to chew the fat every so often.
Doctors, nutritionists advocate stricter regulation of bakery items
I find it easier to work with celebrities: Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar
Manushi has always been focused towards her goal : Nutritionist
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