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a person who is affected by an obsession.
people dogged by obsessive jealousy
of the nature of an obsession.
I am particularly concerned about the 'obsessive' nature of this defendant, and whether he represents a danger to women in general.
First, Singh is a true 'obsessive' , a fanatic even.
Long ago I read he had an 'obsessive' interest in toads.
Those who had watched the most television were more easily distracted and confused, more impulsive or restless, and more prone to 'obsessive' behaviour.
The amusing thing here, of course, is that his character in the film is clearly an 'obsessive' , neurotic control freak who also teaches his cat to use a flush toilet.
We could've seen why Sara is so stubborn, or gotten some further insight into Hitchens' 'obsessive' nature.
Paul's an independent filmmaker whose unbridled ambition is rivaled only by his equally unchecked 'obsessive' nature.
His hair and beard were testimony to his fastidious nature and 'obsessive' preening.
This game gives me a compulsion to my already 'obsessive' nature to keep playing and to kill everyone who isn't me.
Delaney owns pieces of clubs and bars around the city, and has an 'obsessive' nature.
Eventually, if you persevere, the 'obsessive' nature of the process yields unexpectedly beautiful results.
It is a relief, he says, to confess to the private consultant that the refuge he once sought in art for his depression and regimented 'obsessive' nature, he now finds in the bottle.
It is true that the great but balding one has never been very good at multi-tasking, but that probably explains his 'obsessive' behaviour.
Wilkinson has talked greatly in this newspaper about the art of kicking and we get the impression of a rather solitary, 'obsessive' nature: a man who wants perfection.
Everyday life can be a terrifying ordeal for the autistic, who struggle to grasp what is happening around them and often retreat into ritual or 'obsessive' behaviour.
The 'obsessive' and compulsive nature of our relationship was alarming to us.
She is an admitted 'obsessive' , expecting an almost religious allegiance from her dancers.
These have been the years in which the explosive growth of both economies leapt from being something British business thought worth watching to an 'obsessive' interest.
After decades of Marxist-Leninist education, Hungarians of all classes are showing an 'obsessive' interest in their aristocratic forebears.
Unless you have an 'obsessive' interest in the minutiae of American politics, it is unlikely that you will have heard of Mr Shrum.
Whether playing backgammon, football or the stock market, De Boer is an 'obsessive' .
With his eloquence and fluent knowledge of art history, he speaks of da Vinci's 'obsessive' nature.
Domestic contentment has provided a secure foundation, enabling him to direct his 'obsessive' focus on career success.
Up to about 1918 he painted scenes of nature that have an 'obsessive' , macabre quality, often based on childhood memories and fantasies.
This is impressive 'obsessiveness' , but a critic once said of him: ‘He's so clever he forgets to be funny.’
The good thing about Bollinger is that he hasn't lost that quality - passion, wonder, 'obsessiveness' , whatever it is - that initially motivates the fan or collector.
He was completely, 'obsessively' committed to being a good sergeant, knowing in his heart he'll never make a general - so he tries to be the greatest sergeant ever.
It's really out of my control, so what's the use in 'obsessively' worrying and biting my nails and smoking and thinking of all the reasons I shouldn't get the job now that I want it.
All booksellers, I begin to think, are crazed 'obsessives' .
It's often these inconsequential things that appeal to me, and I'm aware that my subconscious 'obsessiveness' underpins this somehow.
'MasterChef Australia' 2015 winner finds Indian chefs 'almost obsessive'
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