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they faced obstruction in carrying out their research
the action of obstructing or the state of being obstructed.
translation of 'obstruction '
But what's interesting to me is that we're talking about 'obstruction' , and that is the issue that some people have just never learned a lesson about.
I suspect his 'obstruction' of Johnson's appointment due to the abortive toxics study is related more to political posturing than to anyone's health or safety.
Each of the original 22 defendants were charged with break and enter, being unlawfully in a dwelling house, three counts of mischief, and 'obstruction' of police.
Arrests on mischief, 'obstruction' of police and possession of prohibited or restricted weapons charges were made, said Sergeant Jim Black of Toronto Police.
Rather than substantive debate, political leaders are still adhering to a failed strategy of spite, 'obstruction' , and conspiracy theories.
The refusal of a citizen to identify himself under such circumstances causes a major inconvenience and 'obstruction' to the police in carrying out their proper duties.
Document all instances of denied access, lack of cooperation, or other 'obstruction' to carrying out your mission.
walkers could proceed with the minimum of 'obstruction'
An infectious cause should be suspected in children with signs and symptoms of airway 'obstruction' accompanied by a prodromal illness or fever.
That's why it's so troubling today to see Clark join in the same self-fulfilling wave of determined pessimism and 'obstruction' he battled four years ago.
he was charged with 'obstruction' of a police officer in the execution of his duty
To combat the 'obstruction' and generate scoring chances, teams must attack with speed and fight it out.
Foreign aid does not challenge Wilsonian principles; it involves cooperation, or at least a lack of 'obstruction' , from foreign governments.
It's true that less 'obstruction' helps all players and speeds up the game.
Melvin, too, was informed that the only player guilty of 'obstruction' was Lopez.
walkers could proceed with the minimum of 'obstruction'
the tractor hit an 'obstruction'
Remember, snoring means obstructed breathing, and 'obstruction' can be serious.
After four minutes Barnhall were awarded a penalty when a Naas player was penalised for 'obstruction' .
This official 'obstruction' would seem to be a clear indication that the president is worried about embarrassing details emerging that could threaten his re-election.
they were held for 'obstruction' and other public order offences
they presented with severe intestinal 'obstruction'
The local population might have that knowledge because we don't know of any 'obstruction' being removed.
What is unhealthy is the growing habit of 'obstruction' , delay and occasional flat refusal to co-operate.
Lacrimal duct obstruction may result from swelling of the lining of the narrow tear passage, 'obstruction' by mucus, pus or cellular debris.
Intestinal strictures and bowel 'obstruction' may develop in patients with refractory sprue or celiac disease that has been untreated over a long period.
The adults, who had been staying in the motel room, were charged with cruelty to children, public indecency and 'obstruction' of police and were taken to a psychiatric ward.
Footpath 'obstruction' is one of the most common complaints received by council.
For the administration and its conservative allies, the United Nations represents embarrassment and 'obstruction' .
If the restaurant continues to defy the order, the mayor may be held responsible, and any action causing further delay or 'obstruction' could be punishable by both fines and imprisonment.
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