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कर्तव्य अदा करना
the first woman to officiate a men's basketball game
act as an official in charge of something, as a sporting event.
translation of 'officiate'
स्‍थानापन्‍न होना,
स्थापन्न के रूप में काम करना
कर्तव्य अदा करना,
कर्तव्य पूरा करना
I am very happy to 'officiate' at this hand-over of jerseys to the Nkwazi volleyball club.
They represent their town at functions and those chosen to represent Wiltshire might also be asked to 'officiate' at events across the county.
During the Police Sport Meet held in March this year, he volunteered to 'officiate' as a Judge in the Pole Vault event.
Unlike in Christianity, marriage is not a sacrament, and monks do not 'officiate' at wedding ceremonies.
Already the diocese of Boston has 200 such deacons, who can 'officiate' at weddings, conduct funeral services, visit the sick, distribute Holy Communion - and preach.
Referees generally 'officiate' in their domestic leagues.
In its wake incompetent men are appointed to 'officiate' at international games, who are inconsistent in their decisions.
The first priest to 'officiate' at a service in the church since the 1770s, he led the prayers at annual graveyard Mass for the assembly of over 300 people.
the first woman to 'officiate' a men's basketball game
Requests for him to 'officiate' at services outside a church building are up 25 percent.
The clubs thought that they had been assigned a referee who would 'officiate' free of charge, and quite naturally refused to pay up.
three judges will 'officiate' at the two Grands Prix
The Spa club requires umpires and linesmen to 'officiate' at games with our own referees.
Their male counter-parts were needed to 'officiate' in these events.
Over 10,000 volunteers have been recruited to 'officiate' at events and to assist in other capacities.
Many still 'officiate' at weddings with little or no regard for premarital education.
I counsel couples seeking marriage and 'officiate' at their weddings.
As Don was in the area, he was also called upon to 'officiate' at another special event, the official opening to the school greenhouse.
He reportedly had great tolerance for many people but little tolerance for the dogmatic 'officiators' of his own religion.
We had no trained 'officiator' at the Finish and no official video tapes; we never have.
He's also a highly qualified referee, 'officiating' at the 1996 Open at Royal Lytham and St Annes and the Ryder Cup at Valderrama the following year.
A dispute between the organising body and its 'officiators' led to the cancellation of all matches during the bank-holiday weekend.
Ministers are already allowed to conduct marriage ceremonies outside churches and last year 'officiated' at 380 such weddings, an increase of 41 on the previous year.
Thankfully, 'officiation' did not seem entirely necessary.
A cousin of the bride celebrated the Mass and 'officiated' at the ceremony.
The priest who 'officiated' at the wedding welcomed me equally as a co-celebrant.
He successfully came through his interview and from next season will be 'officiating' in the Football League.
He 'officiated' at the service and later imparted Benediction to all present.
A common type of gift for clergy is the customary honoraria for 'officiating' at weddings or funeral services.
A goodwill offering was expected but since these were relied upon to sustain the temple, it was unlikely that they were as voluntary as the 'officiators' pretended.
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