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the oncoming of age
the fact of being about to happen in the near future.
she walked into the path of an oncoming car
approaching; moving toward.
translation of 'oncoming '
निकट आगमन,
नज़दीक आना,
निकट आना
समीप आनेवाला,
सिर पर मंडरानेवाला
In a descriptive passage that recalls Pickthall's poetry, the story attributes a pre-verbal understanding of the signs of the 'oncoming' winter to both men.
Anyone who has rushed to get across a Hong Kong street in front of 'oncoming' traffic knows that moving on two feet can be dangerous here.
With the echo and reecho of the cave, the colony of bats sounded like the 'oncoming' of a train.
Police are unsure why Collins apparently ignored properly functioning warning signals and drove his car in front of the 'oncoming' train.
I stared at him for a moment out of defeat, and then squeezed my eyes shut against the 'oncoming' of new tears.
New data hint at 'oncoming' cocaine epidemic.
But see, when the 'oncoming' car approached, I had to make a decision over the alternatives available to me.
Taiwan battens down against 'oncoming' typhoon.
A similar incident took place at the 2000 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim when a spectator wandered around the course and crossed the track in front of 'oncoming' cars.
The suicidal Beatrice who is now ready to step intentionally in front of an 'oncoming' car picks out a man across the street to focus her resolve.
Will the change in barometric pressure or the 'oncoming' of precipitation give an allergy sensitive person a headache?
Grogan advises drivers to pull over when 'oncoming' cars approach.
For a moment, I thought that Mom had decided to bring in a hot pad because of 'oncoming' winter.
His 22-year-old brother was thrown in front of an 'oncoming' car, which narrowly missed him after the driver swerved.
With the 'oncoming' of darkness, Tokyo city became alive with bright neon signs.
Yital wanted to know, ignoring her comment about the chill of the 'oncoming' winter.
Sansak had tried to avoid the checkpoint, making a U-turn in front of the 'oncoming' car.
He was backing now directly toward the 'oncoming' cars.
With the 'oncoming' of beautiful weather, he clothed himself in his khaki, American Eagle shorts that showed his bronzed calf muscles exquisitely.
Birds filled the woods with their songs, despite the 'oncoming' winter.
I slammed on my brakes and the back of the 'oncoming' car came to a halt inches from the front of my scooter.
Two cars collided and another careened across in front of 'oncoming' traffic and it was really a bad scene.
I tossed the wrench in front of an 'oncoming' car, and it ran over it, bending the handle.
Opal ran after them, shooting the front tire of an 'oncoming' police car sending it spinning out of control.
‘They're doing a good job of it,’ Adam said as Hannah swerved dangerously close to an 'oncoming' car.
As I turned left onto a narrow street that leads to my home, a woman in a parked car on a cell phone opened her car door into the line of traffic, directly in front of my 'oncoming' car.
I can't even imagine why he would actually, purposely, try to jump in front of an 'oncoming' car.
Each receiver detects the 'oncoming' of the data signals with the maximum delay on the transmission paths.
A police spokesman said the Clio is believed to have careered out of control and mounted the roadside kerb before catapulting across the road towards 'oncoming' traffic and ploughing into the van.
I followed her gaze and nearly jumped in front of an 'oncoming' car.
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