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सलामी बल्लेबाज
a bottle opener
a device for opening something, especially a container.
the league opener is three weeks away
the first of a series of games, cultural events, etc..
translation of 'opener'
प्रारंभिक बल्लेबाज,
टिन का चाक़ू
Going into the Craftsman Truck Series 'opener' on Valentine's Day at Daytona, it looked like rookie Randy Briggs would be the biggest winner.
My response to his question was sort of a conversation 'opener' and an ender.
Bulls fans will be praying for a bruising encounter tonight as Bradford travel to Knowsley Road in seven days time for the Super League 'opener' .
At Firebird, the Nevada native defeated Las Vegas rider Leo Shaver in the Pacific Division's series 'opener' .
the league 'opener' is three weeks away
Start with family and friends; it makes a great 'opener' to a conversation at a social gathering!
What's more, they repelled the Yankees in the 1942 World Series, winning four straight games after losing the 'opener' .
a bottle 'opener'
Mark Nolan took a quick corner which went to Billy McDonald who in turn crossed to the far post for Kevin O'Neill to score the 'opener' .
Glasgow's Steven Duffy scores his side's 'opener' against Sonians at Anniesland to take Hawks a step closer to the league title and maintaining unbeaten record.
He has lost 14 players since this time last year, and signed only eight, but they travel to Dens Park for Saturday's Premier League 'opener' against Dundee with no shortage of optimism.
As the year's major league March 31 'opener' at Anaheim draws closer there is as yet no pay deal between the players and owners.
Rangers appear in no fit shape to tackle Porto at home in their Champions League 'opener' on Tuesday.
Perhaps only 5,000 of the announced crowd of 20,295 are in the ballpark for the start of the Rangers' series 'opener' against the Devil Rays.
The visitors' back-four dealt with anything the home forwards could produce, and it was no surprise when captain Michael Barker scored Hearts' 'opener' .
Denver stuffed Buffalo 22–7 in the season 'opener'
we blurted out the obvious 'opener'
I've had one letter 'opener' seized, two Swiss army knives.
However, Galway scored the 'opener' with two minutes of first half action remaining.
Noble assisted on Maher's 'opener' , and then scored off a Maher assist.
My family has a picnic kit which includes knife, bottle 'opener' , ‘cool bag’ and plastic plates and cups to make meals on beaches that bit nicer!
It is likely to be several weeks before it goes on sale to fans and it has not been confirmed which strip the club will take to the field in for tomorrow's League One 'opener' at Hartlepool.
Grabbing a razor sharp letter 'opener' from the console table in the hallway she tears the envelope open and a small white card drops out into her hand.
Daryl Robson had scored Strensall's 'opener' with Tom Shaughnessy replying for Bridge.
She's been at a New York Yankees' home 'opener' game.
Tucker made another visit there the night before Toronto's playoff series 'opener' against Ottawa.
Looking into the fountain pen jar, she found a letter 'opener' .
Eight minutes after Thompson's 'opener' , Ian Wright scored an equaliser after being put through by the elegant Dennis Bergkamp.
we blurted out the obvious 'opener'
After all the hype in the build-up to Friday night's 'opener' , a series of extremely one-sided results on the weekend has taken away some of the Cup's momentum.
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