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The lay people, it should be added, are most likely to be the technical operatives in the seed industry in the USA.
a worker, especially a skilled one in a manufacturing industry.
the transmitter is operative
functioning; having effect.
they had wounds needing operative treatment
of or relating to surgery.
translation of 'operative'
काम करनेवाला
Is the 'operative' word here ‘talk’ or ‘classified’?
Fractures with even small amounts of displacement are prone to nonunion, and 'operative' treatment is recommended.
But the 'operative' word was ‘if’ and she was still clinging to the ‘if’ yesterday.
There is a seemingly intriguing feature for the requirements necessary to be a CIA 'operative' that ends up being a waste of time, while the disc proper is closed out with a trailer.
The U.S. Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into how a CIA 'operative' 's name was made public.
The time between injury and 'operative' treatment was longer than in the meniscectomy group.
Patient selection is crucial, as the 'operative' morbidity and mortality may be unacceptable in patients with limited cardiopulmonary reserve.
Just to remind our viewers, the potential crime here is that it's against the law to knowingly leak the identity of an undercover CIA or intelligence 'operative' .
The 'operative' word in the definition of credit fee is ‘creditor’.
Impaired ventricular function in itself is not an absolute contraindication to cardiac surgery, although the 'operative' risks are increased.
The 'operative' word is fair, for soon the City might itself be experimenting with privatisation of water, with French multinational companies running the show.
He worked as a computer 'operative' at a local mail order company setting up websites but police say he had been applying for jobs elsewhere and had good results.
But the 'operative' words are ‘almost everything’.
But from April my husband, who works as a machine 'operative' in the factory, will be paying 1 percent extra on his national insurance.
A secret CIA 'operative' , he committed 33 assassinations - or so Confessions of a Dangerous Mind would have us believe.
An explosive story: the investigation into the leak of an undercover CIA 'operative' 's identity.
‘The euro is here, it will be 'operative' across the continent in five days' time,’ he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
And I was asleep. ‘Was’ being the 'operative' word.
The 10-mm 'operative' laparoscopy was developed, and surgical procedures were seen only by the eye of the surgeon through the lens.
The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine cites elective 'operative' mortality rates of five per cent, which means 95 per cent of patients survive and go on to lead a normal life.
The patient had an excellent clinical result after the first surgery and requested 'operative' repair of this rupture.
The enemy fired, attempting to hit Walker in the leg to disable him, but at the last moment, the CIA 'operative' had started to hit the deck, sending the bullet right into his body armor.
Causation and convergence were still 'operative' , but they functioned more subtly, and the audience was no longer enthralled in hypothesis building.
Still, the crowding-out effect is 'operative' as the new money ‘printed’ by the government is competing for resources with old money saved by the public.
Patients found unfit on account of low PFT values for a particular type of surgery were rejected for 'operative' procedure.
If this change causes you any problems with the look of the site, please let me know so I can try to fix it (‘try to’ being the 'operative' words).
This Club of Rome effect is now widely recognized as having been 'operative' in the U.S. gas market.
At a fixed fare of Rs 15, the service is 'operative' from 8 am to 9 pm.
He has carried on working three or four days a week as a general 'operative' at Elmar plastic moulding manufacturers in Greenbridge.
The fact that there is no foreseeable or realistic prospect of deportation doesn't mean that the statutory purpose of detention pending such deportation isn't still 'operative' .
Ishrat Jahan was LeT operative, Headley tells Mumbai court
Odisha Police begin interrogating SIMI operatives
Want cooperative, friendly ties with India and China: Nepal
Cabinet nod to agreement with Mauritius on cooperatives
Pathankot attack: Interpol issues notice against another JeM operative
Co-operative federalism will be empty rhetoric if states not given powers: Jayalalithaa
Cooperative federalism only way to take country forward: Modi
Kolkata court grants NIA custody of suspected IS operative
RBI penalises four co-operative banks for norms violations
LeT operative gets lifer for plotting terror attacks in Bengaluru
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