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a region shattered by oppression and killing
prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.
translation of 'oppression'
Some of Elliot's poems are of genuine quality, and his themes of poverty and 'oppression' are deeply felt.
Starvation, slavery, 'oppression' and fear continue to dominate much of our world.
Maybe she should go live among people who have nothing and who know nothing other than poverty and 'oppression' .
The politicians used their opportunity to inflict mass poverty, 'oppression' and murder.
Or perhaps some people are simply destined to poverty, 'oppression' and abuse.
Now people are subjected to 'oppression' like before independence.
Poverty and 'oppression' are palpable here, as is the social anger of the working class at these conditions.
The republic was unlike all the countries of old Europe, which were based on 'oppression' , poverty and ignorance.
Statists see a world of 'oppression' and pain, and get depressed because of global warming and evil multinationals.
Several students felt that the stories of 'oppression' and abuse that they had heard had been difficult to endure.
They must refrain from 'oppression' and injustice and should help the persecuted.
They are the source of wealth and the hope of a world weary of poverty and weary of 'oppression' .
There is evidence that drugs can be a symptom of urban poverty and 'oppression' .
Now we all labour under the cynical belief that poverty, 'oppression' , exploitation is our destiny and we have to stay with it.
The forces of hierarchy, domination and 'oppression' are often said to be driving the capitalist pursuit of higher profits.
We owe it to all those facing occupation, 'oppression' , poverty and injustice.
Tens of millions around the globe see it, with justification, as an emblem of their 'oppression' and misery.
her mood had initially been alarm and a sense of 'oppression'
Ages of 'oppression' and poverty rarely produce proud and warlike spirits.
Millions of people the world over have marched against war, privatisation, 'oppression' and poverty.
We want to end exploitation, 'oppression' , injustice, inequality, poverty, hunger and violence.
a region shattered by 'oppression' and killing
a response to collective poverty and 'oppression'
Beatrice's mood had initially been alarm and a sense of 'oppression'
Their enclosed spaces offer shelter and protection without any sense of 'oppression' .
This is a grim, bleak little movie with precious little emotion to it and a real sense of 'oppression' .
On the other hand, Walker's childhood was not devoid of exposure to 'oppression' and injustice.
a region shattered by 'oppression' and killing
Anyway, real folk singers like to sing about death, pain, injustice, poverty and 'oppression' .
This analysis not only reveals how multiple 'oppressions' constitute the contemporary system, but also suggests new openings for change.
Oppression by technology: The author who predicted today's nightmares (Column: Bookends)
'By destroying Larung Gar, China committing religious oppression'
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